He fell asleep on the combine, fell, and is now in intensive care

Review calls for August 2.

Pages in the official media these days filled pavedmlennyami on harvest reports about another rich harvest and samaadanay of farmers.

On harvest report in their call and listeners of Liberty — but on a completely different side of this company:

Man: "In the farm" Glory to labor "Dyatlovo district hired a minor. Worked until three in the morning, he fell asleep on the combine, has fallen and is now in hospital in intensive care in Dyatlovo!"

Man: "Tolochinsky district, SEC" Glorious. "We harvest is nearing completion: no salary, no pay — nothing. Unclear what the fees for the harvesting, for advozku grain. Do not know why people work."

In Belarus in the near future will be presidential elections. The election campaign has not yet officially announced, but the preparations for its conduct discussing the political forces and citizens, including — in the call for "Freedom":

"If you listen to the" Prague accent ", experts, political scientists, not to mention ordinary citizens, all in one voice saying that the incumbent can not win the election. Therefore those who are allegedly ready to participate in elections, not sure of the victory. Therefore argue, and do not sit at the negotiating table. And only ready to enter the area after the elections and lift the whole nation. And the common people do not see who can win. therefore, to be honest, the common people do not expect from this election.'ll be like was before. "

The statement says the presidential candidate of the BPF Gregory Kastusyou:

"In the words of the woman for me to hear the despair and excitement for our country. And what I want to respond to this woman: that for all our efforts, and we understand that, indeed, the real elections in Belarus could not have taken place. Which brings may happen that happened in the last presidential election and the parliamentary and local: place fraud and falsification. Recognizing this, we are preparing a protest. We must be ready to defend his victory, we must be ready to enter the area with the protests. For another option, I do not see, do not see him and the other candidates. "

Continue statements on various other topics:

Woman: "Turn on the TV — a sweet song about the spirituality of the Belarusians, get out of the house — next to the church three major selling points scored spirits, shtabeli with vodka, beer. Every year we have less and less, and the government has signed all the new regulations to increase the number of liquor . Nothing to do but either solder to death already drinking, or employ more people into a painful addiction. Belarusians will end one day. Who's next? "

Woman: "The Belarusian people — Europeans. Most Belarusians honest work, only the efforts of the authorities in their aim at in order to survive. Give people the corresponding earnings — and they will cope with the problems of everyday life. Make your life beautiful. Belarusians — the noble people.

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