Lithuania requested 28 billion dollars for the Soviet occupation

Foreign affairs between the Baltic States and Russia — the theme of a painful, sharp, but still, fascinating. Different events wearing the frank nature of Russophobia, dedicated to an unlimited number of articles, publications, and notes, including those disclosed in certain moments, "Military Review". But the reasons for such brutal behavior on the part of Lithuania does not say so much. We pay attention only outrageous facts, such as the sample to bring to justice Russian soldier on charges that seem absurd, there is an intention to equalize the symbols of the communist alliance with the Nazi swastika. Let's try to analyze the whole picture, since the events in Vilnius in 1991. Now Lithuanian politicians interpret the storm tower from 12 to 13 the first month of 1991, the Soviet Union as anger against the sovereign Republic of Lithuania, but this interpretation is, to put it mildly, is not true.

Lithuania needs $ 28 billion for the Soviet occupation

So, try to understand what in fact happened yet in Vilnius and the role played by Russian soldiers in the events of twenty years ago. A little earlier the Board of Deputies of the Republic rendered the act of restoration of independence, which has not been approved and recognized by the USSR. Was not considered a subject of international Lithuania at that time, and the European countries that chose to follow the collapse of the Soviet Union in a kind of distance. The confrontation resulted in a massive mess and unauthorized seizure of strategic facilities representatives of the group "Sąjūdis." It must be emphasized that it was far from peaceful citizens, and armed militants who, if they believe the conclusions of medical professionals in the Lithuanian side, and made the shots in their own own citizens. Aims of this bloody act was one — to achieve complete discrediting the Russian authorities. In the capital of the republic was immediately targeted unit "Alfa", which is now serving the Lithuanian authorities have blamed the military crime. According to the unit commander V. Uskhopchyk, for always storming one of his subordinates in the shooting of peaceful demonstrators. In addition, for the benefit of Russian fighter also states that the victims and the wounds inflicted were killed in such an instrument as the Mosin rifle, which was not equipped units and could not be. This type of tool is not just used in the Russian armed forces, due to the fact that obsolete.

Then the representatives of the Lithuanian Russian authorities condemned for anything else as a "municipal coup attempt"! What specifically in this case, the judge considered the coup — is unclear because even came legally Lithuania into the Soviet Union, and Burokevičius and Ermalavichyusa appeal for help was only a measure to retain the municipal administration. But we will not refute that Lithuania still had a right to secede, according to Russian laws that need to hold a referendum, which no one thought to do. It also remains unclear why the Lithuanian authorities to make a complaint to the performers, to follow orders and not to the persons who gave this order. If you think clearly, the main suspect in the case should not be secretary of the Central Committee and the heads of military units, and the actual manager of the Union, in other words Gorbachev. Why did Lithuanians have no complaints about this man, Nobel Laureate? Maybe make a claim interferes with the authority of Gorbachev's international political arena and its rewards to the countries of Europe and the U.S., and maybe the fact that the document confirming the existence of such orders as the deployment of troops on the territory of the Union of Lithuania, hitherto not represented.

In general the methods used by the Lithuanian law enforcement, inspire some confusion. For example, not so long ago, there were trials held accountable for the sin committed by Tipo Oleg Shein. This man was the secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU and, in the views of Lithuania came into the fifty senior Russian officials, directs anger Union. It seems that there may be, but Shein died in 2009, and bring him to justice hardly seems likely. But the Lithuanian law enforcement agencies do not consider it necessary to devote his attention to detail such as the death of the suspect. They forcefully demand that Russian prosecutors to give them the offender. In addition, two unknown persons tried to infiltrate the widow Shein to take custody of her late husband. This behavior seems to be riding delirium and instills doubt about the adequacy of certain officials of Lithuania.

It creates the impression that the action in 1991 under the now try to explain the main official views of the Baltic states, which refers to the period of their stay in the Union forceful occupation. Reluctance to impartially examine what happened is very bad for foreign relations with Russia, the Baltic States which directly referred to the heir and successor of the occupier. In order to find out the real prerequisites such "righteous anger" should refer to a few other events in the history of this country.

In 2004 Lithuania joins the EU, as in NATO. What are the advantages gained it government from this union and what the cost of their pay? Joining the EU has allowed to enter lucrative criteria in European trade, get certain privileges in international organizations and, most importantly, loans. But at the insistence of Europe in the country was one hundred percent liquidated industrial complex, and the State Energy donor reincarnated as a consumer and importer. NATO, providing sufficient protection against obfuscated "aggressive" of, commits the Lithuanian people to shed their blood in a completely stupid for their battles on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan. At the present moment the achievements in this malehankih and militant country quite small, while the problems have accumulated a huge amount. The fact that the investments that are so pinned its hopes local elite and non-flooded into the devastated economy. In fact, government lost its sovereignty and can not make foreign policy without regard to Brussels.

At the same time, just to tear the case with Russia Lithuania can not, like it or lusted West. Our homeland as before remains one of the most important trading partners. In addition, lack of energy leads Lithuania to build a dialogue with us. The situation is critical for the country's economy, and many already understand this, including the ruling elite. But instead order to radically change the course, Lithuania intends to get about 28-billion dollars in compensation for the Soviet occupation, which had Tipo place to be. Such compensation could be a means to restore the industrial complex, but to get it you have to justify that same occupation and the damage which it caused the Lithuanian people.

This behavior is supported, albeit behind the scenes, not only the other Baltic States, and by some European states. In today's international society is increasingly manifested dissatisfaction rassredotachivaniem areas which have developed in the period after the war. Germany, for obvious reasons, directly territorial claims can not be present, but to assist in the denigration of Russian power completely under her power. Have interests in this situation, and the other more powerful countries, as surprising as assertive hostility is not necessary.

So Makar, a claim Lithuania RF dictated by any other than a shortcoming of the
money she hopes to get the support of international society is also concerned by the revision of the territorial possessions. In addition, the instability of the situation of the ruling elite does need to find the "enemy", which will focus on the people's anger. Agree, much easier to blame the strong neighbor of all failures, than to admit its failure. The same position is occupied Estonia and Latvia, but in these countries the situation is much more difficult. RF soft attitude to such, I dare say, pranks neighbor explained simply. Through the Lithuanian countryside supplied products Kaliningrad region, because Russian government is interested in resolving all the issues and the establishment of friendly relations.

Accusations of in the occupation — all just an excuse to get out of its budget next portion of the money that is no longer able to give Lithuania absorbed crisis Europe. But, Nationalist sentiment in this country support far not all. According to the data-independent surveys hard for Russia to set up less than half of the total population, while others may need to establish a mutually beneficial relationship.

Lithuania's accession to NATO was certainly the greatest miscalculation Russophobes, so as promised investments they have not received, but the discontent of the electorate seriously increased. Trends to refute the official point of view of a "Soviet aggression" are readily available, and an example of what can be considered the case of Algirdas Paleckis, which justified the tribunal of first instance.

Our politicians have taken, apparently waiting game, only slightly in response to the attacks of the current government. Soon the pro-Western leaders Perplexed own authority, and Lithuania is likely to take a course of rapprochement.

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