Lukashenko gave at least a little, but everyone: the poor, and miserable

Company's General Prosecutor's Office Cledchaya Svetlana Baykova, which led to a series of cases against high-ranking corrupt officials, including customs, border troops and KGB, arrested in February this year and is still in jail.

Victor Butoh Minsk: "I believe that such as Svetlana Baykova must not only be free, but not in the KGB jail cell, but they should lead the anti-corruption department in the Prosecutor General's Office of Belarus!"

The Iranian news agency Fars initially reported that Iran has received from Belarus, two Russian S-300 installation, and then gave up the information. On this occasion, a listener asks:

Man: "Have a question about missile systems. At the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union, at a time when Lukashenko came to power in Belarus, there were four sets of S-300, and then he begged Putin's four. So where are these four sets ? On television, on the radio saying that they are not. Now the question arises to Iran. And, by the way, everything is possible and let the military do not make a fool of the common people! Perhaps Lukashenko all have been sold, and walk? Here is my question: who can of the competent members of the armed forces to respond to it? ask, answer!

Meets a former member of the House of Representatives Sergei Skrabets"Today the question is not one of the competent answer, as competent and responsible people who sell arms abroad — they are silent because it's classified. A former military does not have this issue, for now, this sale takes place without them. But we have a few commercial companies involved in arms sales to Lukashenka. Because this question, in my opinion, should not be addressed military and Lukashenko directly or commercial companies that sell weapons. "

On the topic of fires in Russia and the Belarusian-Russian relations — the following calls:

Man: "I want to say on the fires in Russia. I am an old man and as a child I know that from the time the king of the forest around plowed with horses, barns were doing in the forest, because the forest to feed us and feed now. Neither gold epaulets, no order in Shoigu on his chest — this is not important, but the main thing that the owner was. need a host in every country in the former Soviet space, not just talkers. hang out, and nothing more.

Man: "God punish Russia, because what the Russians charged with the Belarusian president, he has done with the consent and support of Russia itself."

Tina: "I think we should be fair and TENS to the end: Lukashenko gave little though to everyone: the poor and needy. But if you come to power bandits oligarchs, they stone unturned to leave! There's a wealthy Russian people for six months salary not receive. And what kind of people: engineers with their heads with brains! "

The party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" called for renewed petition for the return of the faithful of the church of Saint Joseph in Minsk. Up to this topic:

Woman: "Bernardine Monastery in Minsk has been waiting for the faithful to worship celebrations. There are many, as many as thirty thousand signatures were collected to the president of Belarus for permission to pray at the monastery. But what's the signatures, requests, petitions, when it smells a lot of money for someone? Orthodox atheist decided on a high end hotel. And the difference between this act of the current Belarusian master control of the invaders from the East violence and violence against the Roman Catholic icon already in 1964? What remind historian by training, when the heart does not seem to Belarus? And we rejoice in that calm and peace in the land of Belarus. Perhaps this is related repetitive violence to the upcoming presidential elections. Though voiced his master engineer for the restoration of the Ming heritage. But God will judge necessary.

And something else: does not give the authorities in Minsk rest of the community faithful "New Life". Well, they pollute the Ming ground, and that's it! And all fines, penalties wild. Apparently, Minsk Treasury breeze. Thank God, do not cling to the Orthodox, and that in fact we have under the Constitution of religious liberty. "

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