Lukashenko propitiated EU: European ambassadors in Minsk vorachivayutsya

Lukashenko propitiated EU: European ambassadors returned to Minsk

In Belarus began vorachivatsya the ambassadors of the European Union, have been revoked in the "diplomatic war" after the end of February in Minsk recalled its own representative to the EU in response to the expansion of sanctions.

According to the Embassy of Sweden, disk imaging, on Wednesday returned to Belarus salting this Nordic country Stefan Eriksson. Salting Poland Leszek Sherepka crossed the Polish-Belarusian border by car at about 12:00 local time (14:00 on the capital) and sent to Minsk, Polish Press Agency reported, citing data from the diplomatically sources.

Also on Wednesday, is expected to return Lithuanian Ambassador Edminas Bagdonas. "I confirm that the salting of Lithuania now return to Minsk" — told BNS Foreign Ministry spokesman Mindaugas LAŠAS.

Salting Czech Jiri Karas come to Minsk Friday. And by the end of the week in the country wants return salting Estonia Jaak Lensment, ITAR-TASS reported.

The representative of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs, explained that the decision to return ambassadors "due to the initiative of the President Belarus Alexander Lukashenko to release from prison a few opposition members. "

It is a question of opposition politicians — Andrei Sannikov and Dmitry Bondarenko. Meanwhile, the EU emphasized the need for the release and rehabilitation of all political prisoners. At this point in Belarus are serving sentences of 10 opposition politicians and public activists, human rights advocates believe political prisoners.

The return of ambassadors to Minsk Lukashenko may be applied for propaganda purposes. Such an outlook expressed minister of foreign affairs of Lithuania Azubalis, speaking April 23 at a meeting of the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the EU in Luxembourg.

Lithuanian Minister suggested the EU to make a statement about the return of diplomats in Belarus, but, apparently, this initiative has not found a support at the meeting, the agency BelaPAN.

Recall another sharp conflict between the EU and Belarus erupted in late February. 27th European Union took another package of sanctions against Minsk to include "blacklist" of banned officials have 21 representatives of the judiciary and law enforcement agencies of Belarus.

In response, the Belarusian government has withdrawn its own ambassadors from Brussels and Poland, and has decided to expel from the country 2-senior European diplomats. The European Union responded to this review of Minsk after all own 27 member countries.

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