Machine-building plant Arsenal increases the establishment of marine AU

At JSC "Machine plant "Arsenal" completed commissioning and commissioned on imported milling and boring machine Verus produced by the Italian firm FPT, TSVMP reports citing the press plant.

This machine is used for substitution at the technical level and obsolete equipment of the Russian 30-year-old, which has developed its own resources and has long been not satisfy the requirements of performance and features.

The new machine is functional but compliance with modern standards of accuracy, you can create and boring work. This is the third machine is imported, the acquired company as part of modernization programs from the company.

The number of orders of the plant on the marine artillery units (AU) in the near future has increased, but an obsolete machine equipment hampered creation and led to the disruption of the contractual terms. Now on the new machine is hard work to produce the 1st of the main products of the plant — marine AU type AC-176 and A-190, as supplied to the Russian fleet, and for export.

Artillery MZ "Arsenal" which is the only manufacturer of serial srednekalibernyh ship guns in Russia, are in great demand in the world market. Guns production MZ "Arsenal" are set to Project 11356 frigates for the Indian Navy, which is building a series of "Baltic Shipyard plant "Amber" (Rule of Law "Amber"). Frigates for this project at the Ministry of Health, "Arsenal" performed 100mm AU A-190 "Universal".

Follow-party marine 100mm AU A-190 will be available for already planned to be built at the Shipyard "Yantar" 3 frigates of Project 11356, which will be part of the Black Sea Fleet. Two ships of the 3 — "Admiral Grigorovich" and "Admiral Essen" — has already been laid.

In addition, the AU production MZ "Arsenal"Join the armed corvettes 20380 type" Guarding. "In 2012, will be floated corvettes" resistant "to JSC" Shipyard "Severnaya Verf" in St. Petersburg, and "Perfect" on the "Amur Shipbuilding Plant" in Komsomolsk -on-Amur.

MZ "Arsenal" also makes a large order for 76-mm guns AK-176.

It should be noted that, in contrast to the Russian fleet, which had acquired the last AU for TFR "Dagestan" and in the next will not purchase this type of weapon, export customers want to continue to install these successful and entirely appropriate modern standards of maritime war cannons on ships and boats. Latest constructed as to Russian shipyards (2 units Project 10412 patrol ships to JSC "Shipbuilding Company" Diamond "in St. Petersburg, and 2 units of the same project in Vladivostok) and foreign (Licensing missile boats such as" Lightning "and gunboats Vietnamese project type TT-400T, proper composition artvooruzheniya project 10410).

A certain delay in the testing of small artillery ship (IAC) "Volgodonsk", built by JSC "SF" Diamond ", which has been linked to the lack of AC-190 A-01, will be eliminated in recent years. Polygons test instruments are close to the end, and after at the end of their training ground Rzhevsky AU A-190-01 trailer will be delivered to the SF "Diamond" and set to the MAC.

At the landfill last work on promising sea gun, 130 mm — A-192 "Armat" which comes in the arms of Project 22350 frigates "Sergei Gorshkov." In their tactical and technical features this gun is among the most advanced models of naval artillery weapons.

The plans of the Russian Navy — the construction of a series of ships of project 22350, and the main gauge for them to create OAO "MZ"Arsenal. "

In the current time of "Machine-Building Plant" Arsenal "- the modern military-industrial enterprises in Russia with the rich tradition of the latest models of military equipment and general civil engineering.

The main activities of the plant:
Create gallakticheskoy technology
The establishment of marine artillery and missile launchers
Creation general civil engineering products: air compressors, equipment for water treatment plants, extrusion equipment, cryogenics.

OAO "MZ" Arsenal "is a favorite for the Russian market for the production and supply of modern artillery weapons and launchers for the needs of the Navy (Navy), and specifically to arm surface ships of various tonnage and purpose.

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