Machines former allies

Machines former allies

It is not so long ago, the coming to our country to be our allies, but time will put everything so that now the Warsaw Pact countries joined the NATO. As you know, we have standards and their different, because, what the army armed with these states is quite a lot of enthusiasm. Omit the simple options on the Kalashnikov assault rifle, chambered for 5.56 adapted because of this weapon can be found in a series of disk imaging «Relatives of the Kalashnikov assault rifle,» and then switch to an instrument that has been created in these countries or else imported from others.
Machines former allies
You should start, perhaps, with the Czech Republic, because only recently the designers of this country was able to re all prove that they are one of the best and not lose the knack to develop the best tools in the world. When was the last time there was a question about the rearmament of the Czech Republic to place the new machine claimed the best standards of guns made in Europe and the U.S., but competitive test guns had a completely different purpose, if the choice of the new machine. During the tests revealed major shortcomings of the best samples of modern machines, and taking into account the acquired disk imaging designers have started creating their own self-reference machine.
Machines former allies
Work on the instrument was completed surprisingly quickly. Call the exact reason why the designers managed to record a rather short time to make the standard tools that outperforms features and SCAR and FN416 and other promising standards now difficult. Most likely, the thing is that in the country there has long been a good base and school gunsmiths, and therefore was not in difficulties as soon as possible to make a reference, which is one hundred percent fit the new requirements. Name the new machine CZ805, already at this point is the instrument intensively substitute other standards in the Army of the Czech Republic.
Machines former allies
The main feature of the machine is not that due to the trunks of varying lengths instrument changes its purpose, and that the first machine is the possibility to instantly change the ammunition used. Naturally, this is easy to do in any other swatch guns, but not often possible to meet machine in which this possibility is inherent in the design of tools first. Automatic built under the scheme with automatic removal of powder gases from the barrel bore is locked happens when you turn the shutter. The trigger mechanism allows for automatic firing of a single, off in the three rounds and automatic. The most important feature is its full guns bilateralism. Fuse and switch fire mode is located immediately above the trigger on both sides of the gun. Handle shutter can be rearranged on the right side to the left, release of spent cartridges can also be reconfigured for comfort for the shooter side. Unfortunately, to say that this instrument can boast obmyslennoy system frisky change hands impossible. All the same, the same switch to eject spent cartridges requests time and from time to time to time it may not be.

Now CZ 805 can be regarded as the main instrument of the Army of the Czech Republic. More extensively on this weapon will not dwell, because relatively recently about the vending machine was prepared material.

Poland, unlike the Czechs, followed the path of the more usual and did not create an instrument completely from scratch, limiting himself to the creation of their line of development of the Kalashnikov assault rifle. Although the word is limited, certainly not entirely appropriate because, in the end their own variants of the AK, they managed to make really unique reference, in which, though visible roots known machine, but it is slightly different, not very common instrument.

Now courier named Beryl is the main instrument of the Polish Army. Of the noticeable features of this avtomatv is a combination of individual elements with AK M4, but with all this gun looks completely harmonious and does not look like a mixture of a bulldog with a rhinoceros. As a result, adaptation chambered for 5.56 x45 instrument has received several other properties, if were in a Kalashnikov. In addition, despite the preservation of the main sites of AK, this machine had the opportunity to fire off in the 3 rounds that also affected its efficiency. In general, this opportunity Poles introduced back in later versions of their own Kalashnikov assault rifle, so allocate it as an innovation is impossible.

Cannon received several mounting brackets under the attachments. Scope mounts allow Picatinny type equip automatic grenade launcher, optical or night sight, etc.. 4 ​​machine has run different barrel length, one of them is designed for sporting use and lacks the ability to conduct automatic fire.

This instrument has received the most extensive distribution in the Polish Army, but soon the Polish gunsmiths tightly approached the issue of the creation of their own own set of «Soldier of the Future», which comes while all the same Beryl, but plan to swap it for another, more efficient standard. Until fairly clearly that it will be a weapon, but individuals blabbed that are taking place not only in the direction of the guns, and ammunition, with caseless ammunition. Poles expect similar ordnance and plans to make his chief patron of NATO, but, in my opinion, these plans will never be realized, because so many guns have to change the new standards, except that the Polish caseless ammunition will be compatible with the gun under 5.56 x45 that very clear. In addition, we should not forget that the introduction of such a cartridge in NATO is a great means of which, of course, no one has a desire to give. In general, like rosy not look promising the creation of new tools and a new cartridge, it’s all just plans and faster just so they will remain, as well as automatic Beryl remains in service with the Polish Army for a long time. More details about the weapons and how to develop a Kalashnikov rifle in Poland can be read here in this article.

Besides machine Beryl in the Polish Army and can meet other standards, not of Polish origin already old G36, HK416 and SCAR all this in very small amounts in the Polish Army. Naturally, the gun is not common in the state arsenal in very small quantities and far not everywhere, so take this into account is not necessary.

Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary enjoys its own Kalashnikovs, while not everywhere they are «incarcerated» under the cartridge 5.56 x45. For example, in Bulgaria, virtually all standards under 5.56 to 7.62 duplicated under Russian ammo 7,62 x39. In addition to these samples, intensively bought European and South American instrument that carries out a large amount of the budget or the same forces climb into large loans. In general, try to resort to buying guns zabugornogo very occasionally, improving and expanding the capacity of their own machines, and is constantly working on the creation of new models, but so far unsuccessfully.

Summarizing all of the above written, hunting separately to note that the Kalashnikov assault rifle found for themselves and use in NATO countries. Naturally, some tasks it is not suitable, but as a cheap and at the same time a reliable benchmark for weapons of mass gun impeccable, albeit built by others and under a different cartridge.
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