Magic Ben Earl (Season 1) (4 episodes) watch online

Magic Ben Earl (Season 1) (4 episodes) watch online
April 26 at the popular on the English Channel 4 kicked off the new show «Trick artist», the star of which was the magician Benjamin Earl. Ben Earle — already a big-name magician, which was one of the first who managed to fool Penn and Teller show at the famous «Fool us». This question, by the way, remains open, as Penn and Teller were not ready to accept that their fool. You can see the video. For those who are not strong in the UK, we explain — a dispute ensued due to the fact that Penn mentioned phony shuffle. Ben replied that it was not fake tasovok. At this Penn replied that he was kind of phony shuffle. Leading contacted the director and issued a verdict that the fake shuffle in focus were not used. Penn and Teller had to admit that their fool, and later remove another single episode (at the end of the video), in which Penn says that they saw Ben spalmiroval card, but everything else remains a mystery to them. One gets the feeling that Penn is trying to convince himself faster and Teller, if what viewers.

So, Ben — star of the new magic show. Unfortunately, so far we have not been found episodes are available for download if anyone will be links — not smuschyaytes report! Of course, it immediately becomes a contender Ben is super is popular Dynamo and he needed something extraordinary to make the image of the freshest and the gap in the shadow of legends television magic: Blaine, Angel, Dynamo. The trailer for the show fully perspective and creates intrigue.

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