Malaysia will buy 18 fighter jets of the Russian Federation

Malaysia will buy 18 Russian fighter jets

Now aviation plant "Irkut"Ahmad Zahid Hamidi visit Defense Minister of Malaysia. RIA Announcements reports that the factory he may contract for the purchase of 18 Su-30MKM.

Apart from that a representative of the military department plans to hold talks with the Russian side about the ability of the modernization of its own fighter Sou-30MK having index "M". It is planned to equip it with new missiles, one of which comes and the Russian-Indian supersonic rocket "BrahMos".

Functional modernized, commercial, Malaysian fighter Su-30MKM which commercially available from "Irkut" was developed in OKB "Dry". As the base was taken by the Indian version of the Su-30MKI. The aircraft can strike both on land and on sea targets with the introduction of unguided and guided missiles.

The Su-30MKM is equipped with engines having a thrust vector control, digital control system aircraft. Sou-30MKM has the same characteristics of the resource, as well as see new fighters: the assigned resource glider — 25 years, or six thousand hours, the engines have a life — two thousand hours.

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