Marshal Zhukov against gangsters of Odessa. The truth about the liquidation

1946 year. There devastation and poverty, people are beginning to breathe from hunger. Grows dramatically crime. Armed gang rob not only shops and warehouses. They take in people recently — clothes, food stamps, bread, condemning the whole family to poverty and even death. Bloodless war, police did not have the strength. It is in that terrible year of 1946 in Odessa oriented marshal Beetles. Here goes through rumor: in this town more complicated criminal situation, once Stalin deported back of the ZHoru Roerich.

Since that time it has been over 60 years. But the legend of how marshal Zhukov virtually eliminated in a matter of days of delinquency in Odessa, to the present time walking around the country. And no one really will not understand where the truth ends and fiction begins.

The documentary film makers are trying to understand what is true and what is myth to the davneshney stories that correspond to reality and what is fiction in the series "Liquidation. "Filmmakers managed to find the real miracle workers of Odessa criminal investigation that caught the bandits in 1946 year. Their stories are also stories of contemporaries of Marshal Zhukov, his colleagues formed the basis of the movie. Managed to find Odessa — historians, local historians, writers, that the particles collected information hushed up newspapers. The creators of a correlation between the 2 famous films, which are formed in the base of the action 1946 the year — "The venue can not be changed" and "Liquidation. "In the movie, the director participates" liquidation "Sergei Ursulyak.

CreatorIra Chernova
Director: Maxim Faytelberg

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