McCain: It would be great to destroy Gaddafi

McCain would be fine to kill GaddafiIf a favorite of the Libyan Muammar Gaddafi was killed during the NATO bombing, it would be "excellent." This point of view is now in an interview to CBC es expressed an influential Republican senator John McCain. "We should kill him command posts, and if This would eventually managed to destroy or injure himself, it would be great, "- said Obama's last rival in the presidential race.

McCain said the United States should be a "strategy to assist the rebels and overthrow of success achieved Gaddafi and all those associated with him. "Responding to a question about whether the U.S. should participate more intensively in the military operation in Libya, the senator, who heads the Republican faction in the Committee on Armed Services, said," We have to go back to the fight. " According to him, "it would be very bad to get in the end a situation in which the door can be opened for"Al-Qaeda. "

During the recent NATO air raid on Tripoli Muammar Gaddafi lost a son and three grandchildren. In residence were just three missiles were alone on the structure of the pieces. Safe Al-Arab — the younger son of Colonel — died on the spot. There are wounded in the middle of other relatives and associates.

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