Mikhail Kalashnikov, Who would believe that Medvedev will go to revolt against Putin?

Mikhail Kalashnikov, "Who would believe that Medvedev will go to revolt against Putin?"Both the president and the prime minister — the neo-liberals, the people that called, "one blood"

The question of who should be the fullness of opportunities for disposal of municipal property, in principle, is not idle for any country, and in our case — and even more so. At least based on absolutely nedavneshney stories with privatization, fabulously enriched the reason or not a municipal economy as a whole, and some lucky people who find themselves at the right time in the right place.

This question has now become critical for President Vladimir Putin's election promises which the unit is reasonable means including and more than a serious oversight of how the government manages its assets. How to strengthen it, when, according to the Constitutional Law "On the Government", specifically the latter has all the features on this part? Opportunities Kremlin here apply only to strategic enterprises.

Now, according to the plan of the State Legal Department of the Administration of the President, there is a need to expand the capacity noticeable head of state in handling state assets. Appropriate amendments to the Federal Law "On privatization of municipal and urban property," as the presidential decree number 986 of 1995 "On the procedure of decision-making on the management and disposal of federally Conditioning shares" in the Administration prepared. Appropriate projects to harmonize head State Legal Directorate Larisa Brycheva sent to the address of the government head Vladislav Surkov. It is expected that by tomorrow days of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development Ministry will prepare their responses. According to unnamed sources "Kommersant" in the government, the Kremlin in this department, most likely, "politely refuse".

With all of this, if they believe leaked to the media pieces offered by the State Legal Department of the amendments stated they are very soft. Thus, Kremlin asks only just "the possibility of establishing, as appropriate, decisions of the President of the Russian Federation of additional requirements in order inclusion of federal property in the forecast plan (example program) of federal property privatization." A correction to the decree number 986 sounds quite funny: Kremlin, as already mentioned above, is intended to give the president the right property management have been exhausted, but — please! — In cases of incomplete legislation. Fascinating, but it is a logical attraction.

The government, they say we unnamed sources, the Administration took the initiative, of course, no animation, and, apparently, in the proposed amendments to the GPU as the deputies did not reach. But the head of the country and deny does not — unless, of course, have no desire to quickly attend to employment. But the compromise may be found: "The White House" will be thoroughly report all transactions with state property, proving integrity of each point. There may also be the head of the country will be allowed to interfere in areas such as the formation of the authorized capital of the privatized companies and the creation of the forecast of the privatization plan.

In fact, the question now specifically to Vladimir Putin — how the proposed compromises will respond to his ideas about the proper management of state property. If they are, obviously.

About the future transfer of property management capabilities of the government to the Kremlin in an interview with columnist KM.RU spoke recognizable publicist, secretary of the Central Council of the party "Rodina. Common sense "Maxim Kalashnikov:

— First, start with the fact that some manage this property. And there, and there, as they say, "one of Satan." And there, and there — a worthless human material. Of course, that in the course of future privatization of a young man with an iPhone is not built for himself and schemes of empires, he, of course, nada on foot. It is a question only of a piece of steak, less so. As for the Tipo zeal Fishing season very enforce campaign promises — I think in this case it is the desire here is on March 30 rd place. Speech goes nothing less than a framework of 10 billion dollars! So what comes first — the division of a large piece. Another logic that system, unfortunately, does not know.

— Will not this conflict is just so comfortable as an excuse to send government Medvedev to resign?

— How can I believe that the resignation Medvedev will happen, but not as a result of the dispute. Putin — the man irresolute, he avoids drastic steps. But I've long since got the impression that he led Medvedev to the position of the lightning rod of negative public sentiment, such a whipping boy. Medvedev's initiatives so idiotic of them so gives dubolomnoy Red Guard attack that, I'm afraid it further, until he in power, will play a role only vneglasnaya "spittoon".

After all, when Putin is useful, it will elect at least some comfort while and just take away Medvedev as prime minister, giving him a cushy comfort and inconspicuous position. And it will happen within the framework of political technology operations, and not because of any particular disagreements on the philosophical level. Why, what differences? Putin in the economy — untainted neoliberal, as Medvedev. They are what is called, "one blood."

— If you believe the source of the publication "Kommersant", the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economy of the Kremlin refused to transfer them to the required features …

— That's all — faster game element. As you can see, over the past 20 years, the majority of Russian developed a persistent disgust at the mere utterance of the word "Ministry". And if it is the ministry suddenly starts to roll the barrel to the "beloved king" and "Dear Leader", it only allows the president to be approved in the role of the Ombudsman … In general, we are dealing with quality events Weaver, Weaver day or agenda. Here are the guys sit in the Kremlin and paint plan — as if they have yet to score a place of information. I think that is the case with the so-called struggle for the right to manage state property, we first have to deal specifically with the simulation of reality. Or there are those who believe that Medvedev will go to revolt against Fishing season?..

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