Ministry of Agriculture confirmed massive loss of livestock in the three regions of Russia

 Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation in response to the State Duma deputies confirmed the fact of mass death in three Russian regions cattle, including imported from the U.S. and Australia breeding cows, caused by farms.

At the session of the State Duma in January Communists said that at the end of last year, a large village of the Voronezh region Yasyrki breeding stock was imported from America and Australia, with more than three thousand heads in the amount of 200 million rubles. The deputies reported that the delivery was carried out "in the open field." As a result of negligence, according to deputies, killing several hundred head of cattle. Communists proposed to seek information in the Ministry of Agriculture and the General Prosecutor's Office to audit the fact of the adoption of urgent measures to save the livestock and initiate a case of ill-treatment of animals.

"The State Duma Committee on Agriculture Agriculture received a reply to the appeal on the mortality of cattle in the Voronezh, Kirov Oblast and Altai Krai", — told reporters on Tuesday, deputy chairman of the Duma Committee for Agricultural Shkolkina Hope.

According to authorities, in the Altai Territory cattle died because of gross violations of conditions and feeding animals. Thus, the farm "victory" for the year 2012 in the economy fell 523 head of cattle, including the November-December — 180 goals. Due to the complete lack of feed remaining livestock was transferred to another farm, food supply.

Significant loss of cattle registered in the Company "TAURUS" Voronezh region. As stated in the reply of the Ministry, in the period from November 9 to December 19, the farm was brought by three parties 23.952 thousand head of breeding cattle from the United States and Australia.

"Long-term transportation, poor nutrition, overcrowding, severe climatic conditions exacerbated stress of animals brought from Australia — died on January 21, 2013 490 head of cattle," — said in response Agriculture.

However, the Ministry says that now the situation in the economy stabilizes, the animals received from the U.S. are in a satisfactory condition.

Shkolkina stressed that, according to the Department of Veterinary Kirov region, the facts of case of breeding cattle in 2012 in the region plemhozah not registered.

"Meanwhile, in the media, it was reported die-off of cattle in a commodity economy Ltd." SEC (collective farm) Lenin "Sloboda region, where due to starvation and malnutrition fell 155 goals in 2012," — she said.

Last year, the Veterinary Office of the Kirov region has completed 22 test in the farm, and on the results of economic management 19 times brought to administrative responsibility.

As noted by the Ministry of Agriculture, is currently in the specified regions of Russia the situation with accommodation and feeding is controlled by agribusiness management regions.

"However, due to the fact that the State Duma received numerous complaints, as well as the reports in the media, a more in-depth analysis of the causes and the problems that caused deaths of livestock and poultry. Therefore, the Ministry of Agriculture will be held February 4th meeting on the situation in livestock Russian regions. At the meeting, except the representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, will be attended by the State Duma, the Federation Council and head of the executive bodies of state power of the regions in the agricultural sector ", — concluded Shkolkina.

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