News. Pound meteorite fragment found Tchebarkul

Taking a short break, the network starts to fill again reports on the consequences of an event occurring February 15, 2013 in Chelyabinsk and surrounding areas.
So, the latest news about the cosmic body, which was called Chebarkul, Chelyabinsk or meteorite.
Found a large fragment of the meteorite weighing about 1 kilogram, as well as searching on the lake bottom Tchebarkul not stop

Divers found at the bottom of the lake Tchebarkul few craters, where, presumably, can be large fragments of the meteorite. This was a spokesman for the city administration Tchebarkul Love Rudometova.

Divers explored the lake bottom Tchebarkul with lights and gauges, after the first dive, they found several craters formed in the mud. But because of the high silt and about 3 meters, consider the meteorite fragments failed.

"In Chebarkul created a special office to find meteorite fragments, which included experts emergency services, housing and communal services and others," — said Rudometova.

As the member of the Committee on Meteorites of the Russian Academy of Sciences Viktor Grokhovsky, to Thursday, February 28 from Yekaterinburg to Tchebarkul will seek a specialist team that will take part in the search for meteorite fragments and hold a magnetic survey of the day the lake.

"Shooting will take place throughout the day, the results will probably be in the evening" — Grokhovsky said, adding that media reports about the fragment weighing about half a ton — is nothing more than a fantasy. "After the survey we will be able to draw concrete conclusions", — he added.

Scientists from Yekaterinburg already managed to find a few fragments of the meteorite, which fell in the Chelyabinsk region, the largest of them — weighing more than 1 kg.

"Meteor rain" was recorded on February 15 in the morning in the five regions of Russia, Tyumen, Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk and Kurgan regions and Bashkiria. As a result of the meteor shower hit more than 1.5 thousand people, including 311 children. Material damage caused by a meteor shower, according to preliminary estimates, is equal to one billion rubles.



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