Professor Akiyoshi Kitaoka and his treacherous illusion

It has been repeatedly raised the issue that is close to each of us. It is the brain, the brain that gives us the opportunity to develop, explore the world, analyze, and god knows what else. But at the same time, the brain may play a dirty trick on us. Today I would like to introduce you to a wonderful man, a professor of psychology at Ritsumeikan University (Japan) Akiyoshi Kitaoka (Kitaoka Akiyoshi). It was he who really knows how to make your eyes and brain to work with a vengeance, until the illusions created by this wizard will fool you.

I remember the old anecdote about his work and weekdays psychiatrist: "The psychiatrist sent his wife to the madhouse, with a diagnosis of hallucinations when she began to call him lion" when you look at the "funny" pictures of an experienced professional.

All work Akiyoshi Kitaoka is based on the principles of a science called: Gestalt and lie in the fact that the background images and objects drawn on it, and are perfectly flat initially, are not perceived by our brain as a whole, but rather as a free-standing, three-dimensional pictures. It is necessary to look closely at them, and we start to think that some of the songs begin to move, rotate, or flicker.

All of the properties of our perception: the background, figure, constant — interact with each other and represent a new property. This is the gestalt, the quality of the form.

The idea Akiyoshi Kitaoka, its gestalt must return our tired brain in a state of calm and balance. Look closely at the pictures, if the objects are placed in front of the background, as we indicate our brains somehow move — so you get some rest. With that, interestingly, the faster the movement, the greater your emotional state. I will say that the way psychiatrists can evaluate people who are prone to compulsive acts.

To my happiness, rotation and displacement of the images are barely visible to my perception. And you?


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