Responses to the challenge of an independent society of information warfare

What goals have Russia in the information war against Alexander Lukashenko? How to respond to the challenge of the new policy independent of Moscow society and the opposition? How to relate to politicians, supported by Moscow, the Belarusian society?

On these topics in the "Prague accent" talk the owner of the publication "BDG" Peter Martsau, Deputy Editor of "Belgazeta" Victor Martinovich and a columnist for the newspaper "Nasha Niva" Dmitry Pankovets.

The program will be aired on Sunday, 8 August (18.05, 20.05, 22.05).

And now we offer you the pieces of gear.

Martsau: A politician who can offer himself instead as a pro-Russian Lukashenko, can play a significant role … The struggle for power, we considered as the seizure of power, no one had made no attempt to "grab" the minds of Belarusians … The output does not lie in the electoral system, it is in the realm of ideas and social attitudes.

Pankovets: It seems to me that Russia is trying to implement in Belarus, Kyrgyzstan Option … There is a question as to which mode then establish Russia — kuchmistskaga type or Kadyrov … I do not think that Lukashenko is now necessary to support the opposition.

Martinovic: If Russia made a bid for a particular candidate, it would then peck competitors and friends … The fact that Milinkevich now — the main ally of Lukashenko, no doubt about it … The independence we always somehow protect.

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