Something got me out of the body

I have serious doubts that this UFO aliens from other planets, but perhaps it is true, but they move through the changes of time. I'll tell you my story, which occurred in Mr. Voronezh, even though I from Moscow, but had to live there for a while. It was in the early summer, I lived alone in the house, and around 12 at night went to bed, and there seems to be asleep, but suddenly something got me out of the body and I found myself in the room (as it was then realized it was a neighbor's apartment one floor above ) with 2 others at the same time felt an extraordinary lightness, gaiety, a sense of freedom and drunkenness, in the room besides us was there seems to be a man — but with a big head and something like a saint, remember that any idea here- voiced the same, you can not have anything to hide and we are reluctant to ask him different questions … I do not remember what, but I remember the last one — I asked to be a war? but this being pointedly did not say anything …

Struck room-she certainly was in our house … but some not so, it was probably room neighbors, just not mine, but it was some sort of devastation — the broken glass in the windows, some holes in the walls, which in general -then chaos, but the furniture at the same time stood. Then, I had worshiped at the feet look, but then it was not up to it, my heart was a holiday and furious fun, then somewhere on the cabinet saw a small mirror-like look-came to my face, only younger, and why- then the hair is long (though in my youth I wore Haier recall, but not so long) … Actually, we still knock for a while there, the neighbors were asking something, too (there was one or two guys and one girl) for a girl to like me again live with some of them. Face there seems to be normal human at all, but the girl had a strange and big eyes, which is something like the aliens extended only smaller. Generally something that is being responded to all of us, and then all went back to the body.

I woke up in the body for about 2 nights also because I heard the tramp of feet above the neighbors (I do not know — but this is further proof that it was not a dream), that is, they are there, too, came to life. But that's not all, almost immediately with their footfall I heard footsteps in the kitchen and was very scared … took a cigarette and went to the balcony to smoke, only about half an hour after all decided to go to the kitchen, turned on the light and saw no one, at the same time decided to put the kettle on to boil coffee, walked back and forth … and then stopped suddenly realized, that the steps that I have heard, my own)))
That is, they (those who flew) can change the time. And they are the ones who sent us here, and the human body is apparently some kind of punishment for all of us, because I felt there is … actually there is no such a buzz here on earth or in alcohol, nothing else is something unearthly. In general is such crap — believe it or not, but I still remember it all and is 100% sure it was not a dream.

But the matter did not end — and then I pulled out 2 more times, but without the neighbors and the room … And on the operating table type — in a dish or even where it is not up to date. Just not the body itself. I vaguely remember this is — but remember that there is a human body, and it is exactly the same — but only the body of energy — because it looks like a semi-transparent — that's exactly it, and they pulled out. And no pain, etc. I remember something shining somewhere in the region of the mouth (I have a problem with the teeth), and I still remember the good they have voice and always on you. Do not worry, do not be afraid, etc. After that, back before that ached stopped hurting, and so there seems to be no change)). Although the feeling was such that you just pumped some energy.

Add — a plate of theirs I saw when I was in the room — but I saw as it were, through the wall and wonder where … it's difficult to describe the full Surrey)), and also I have a computer running all night, when I woke up to him and see icon an Internet turned off — that is, there is no connection and before our eyes, he started apparently when they start his.

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