Strangers go here. Continued Part 2

Energy band

It is believed that the district News, where he is area — Sakhalin Energy Center. So News — a favorite place for meditation and pilgrimage various Sakhalin researchers abnormal. Curious tourists from the local dime a dozen here, too, but try to avoid visiting, but because of the news, not very subject. One of the local ufologists, who I asked to be our guide, refused categorically and strongly discouraged to find out that I got an assignment to write an editorial about the news. (Village News, he's medium-wave radio transmission range of 150 kW, is located a few kilometers from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Prim.M.T.).
It all started June 13, 1985. Radioman Ismagilov watched as a glowing unidentified flying object the size of a helicopter was going to decline from west to east at a speed of 50 km / h. The same thing at the same time and in the same place he had observed earlier — on June 11. All of this can be attributed to the rich imagination Ismagilova radio operator, if in January 2005 over the island have not seen a UFO in bulk and have not removed it on tape. Reports shown on local television, of course, will be on the shelf next to other evidence of the authenticity of which is currently subject perennial controversy. In any case, no abnormality News on Sakhalin doubts.
Energy space is still strong, but the peak of its activity occurred in the years 1990-1996. Then saw the news on energy column, leaving up high. Visit here already known to us a group of ufologists all this, of course, said. Especially gifted recorded something like the shuttle in the form of a hemisphere, which descended from the ship, which remained in orbit. Some were even able to communicate with the aliens.
Noticing our incredulous look, Vladimir smiles:
— Can you imagine men in helmets with slanted eyes?
I nod my head affirmatively.
— It's not quite the way — is intriguing radio engineer.
Vladimir explained that contact with aliens could be compared with talking on the phone when you hear the interlocutor, but my head is a visual image.

Moon Area

Let's move on — to the Moonglade. It is slightly less than solar, and it is as if a shadow, although it is the normal field, and from the low trees so much shade can not be.
Moonglade is a special stone. If you sit on it, you can determine how you energetically oriented in space. Vladimir says that a man must see special signs that indicate direction. I sit down, close my eyes — nothing. Turn slightly to the right. I see two red lines running to the left, turn left — again nothing. More turn — again the strip, but in a different direction. Funny — I immediately oriented correctly!

Hostess Zone

At the top of the hills that rise from the river to the ancient name Ayichka, are large boulders. Explorer calls them "a parade of planets": the stones are arranged in accordance with the position of the planets relative to the sun. At the heart of "Parade" is the entrance — a stone frog. The road to it is through the stormy mountain river on two ropes: one under your feet, one at hand. Next — a path going off sharply upward.
Voronin said that this path determines the way of life of every traveler who goes through it. Climb the trail can be easy and the hard way, but just can not see it. If you take away the left — are you a romantic person, to the right — the rational. How many times you stop and sit down to rest, so many turning points in your life it was.
When we finally boarded, could not resist the temptation to perform a ritual characteristic of the category of "make a wish": to touch the frog and ask her about something. According to legend, died here ayinskaya shaman — imprint of her body is visible on the stone. Judging by his form, the shaman was an increase of about 170 centimeters and with a very long neck.

Zone releasesClimbing down from the top, oddly enough, was much easier than the climb — in the mountains is just the opposite. We almost did not feel tired. Vladimir says that it usually acts Energy Zone.
I asked our guide why parted ways the eleven ufologists.
— Nothing fancy. Meeting changed our perception about the "others", — said Vladimir. — It's so simple: there are other worlds around us, just in a different time dimension. The other eight people were not able to understand this. That's all …

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