The best sniper United States died in his native Texas

The best sniper U.S. died in his native Texas
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Texan Chris Kyle so successfully sowed destruction in Iraq that opponents dubbed him "Shaitan of Ramadi" — the name of the town is 100 kilometers west of Baghdad, where he served as one of their own trips. On account of the Marine Corps sniper — 100 sixty slain enemies, and it's only officially certified data unofficial same account he killed two passes for weave. The rebels promised her head, "Shaitan" 10's of thousands of dollars, it does not hurt once, and yet he successfully graduated from the service and returned to civilian life. Echoes of war caught up with him all of a sudden on Saturday shot past Kyle comrade-in-arms.

As of early years of the life of Christopher Scott Hack (Christopher Scott Kyle) evolved much in Texas. In 1974, he was born in the family of a minister of the church and Sunday school teacher. As early as eight years from my father first learned of shooting. After high school, went to college staff, but left his studies for the sake of a rider on the rodeo. Later seriously injured his hand, he worked as an assistant at the ranch, he decided to enlist. When Chris tried to enlist in the Marine Corps Special Forces — Navy SEAL, they are also "seals" — he at first refused because of the spokes in a warped hand. Later, all the same was invited to study at the school and sabotage in 1999 took on the service.

In 2003, Kyle was involved in the invasion of Iraq, and in the course of the campaign, he did not miss the 1st important fight. In its tasks was to monitor the movements of asylum colleagues and disarm Iraqi ambush the invaders. First opponent, had fallen under the scope Texan, was a local lady, who lay in wait for a group of Marines, holding the baby in one hand and in the other — a grenade. Chris hesitated for a moment, but then pulled the trigger. "My shots helped a Yankee — he explained later in his autobiography — and their lives, no doubt, were more expensive than a broken soul of the woman."

Strong and tall, six feet under, the Yankees won the midst of the dark glory of the rebels, and the command marked his countless achievements. For courage and bravery in the war zone, he received two Silver Stars and four Bronze. By eliminating 100 sixty opponents, he broke the sniper record set by other Marines Hetkokom Carlos (Carlos Hathcock), which in the Vietnam War had shot 93 people. In general, Kyle sheepishly admitted that the rivalry with its predecessor was uneven: in Hetkoka was not a ballistic computer. His personal record of successful calls the Texan shot by 2.1 thousand yards, in other words, almost two kilometers: the target at the time was a rebel with a portable missile system.

In 2009, Kyle is the rank of sergeant brain Marine Corps honorably retired in supplies and settled with his wife and 2 babies in Midlothian near Dallas. "My husband and I went out of my father better than a murderer — he said in an interview. — I feel completely comfortable when you do not have to kill anyone. " In general, the last part with a sniper weapon in no hurry. He was engrossed in the hunt for deer, and in a fierce debate about American gun control gun firmly held the side of fighters for the Second Amendment — in other words, a citizen's right to keep and carry guns.

Can not be called peaceful and business that Kyle was engaged "in the civilian world." Together with fellow Marines, he founded the firm Craft International, use the soft-spoken motto: "No matter what your mother read, violence can solve problems." Profile Craft — special training for personnel of law enforcement agencies and private companies. Kyle valued citizens skeptical. "For the most part, people are very Myagenko you live in a shadowy world — reasoned," Shaitan ". — You have no idea what's going on in other parts of the world, how cruelly these people are, in reality cost to themselves, and then with our guys. "

In January 2012, published by Harper Collins published a book Kayla entitled without false modesty: "The American sniper. Autobiography of the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history. " At the very first meeting with readers were about a thousand people, and for year able to realize approximately 850 thousand copies printed and electrical books.
"I wanted to tell his life story in SEAL, — explained the creator. — This is a book about the hardships that have to be overcome for anyone who seeks to capture the reverence and honor. "

Best-selling books brought Kyle celebrity status, he has appeared on television — including in the popular comedy programs Conan O'Brien and the reality show Stars Earn Stripes, where experts teach the basics of the stars of military special training. Not without scandal: advertising autobiography, Kyle said brightly as he thrashed for disrespectful words about Marines Jesse Ventura — extravagant politician, who himself served in the special forces during the Vietnam War, and later became famous as a wrestler, worked one term as governor of Minnesota, and is currently heavily criticizes the political system of the United States. Ventura responded by accusing Kyle of slander and even gave it to the tribunal, but make out a claim and did not have time.

Eagerness to defend "our boys" and to support other veterans — the leitmotif of the entire post-war life of Kyle. To help former soldiers, who were not able to adequately settle in a peaceful America and suffer from physical and spiritual healing, "the most lethal sniper 'in 2011 founded with fellow fund entitled FITCO Cares. This organization provides to veterans mental health counseling and exercise equipment for home physical training. It is interesting that the support of the arrow to be treated as members of modern campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as older, the Vietnamese, a generation. And specifically on this generous field Hack headed for destruction.

Those Days on Saturday, February 2, Kyle Littlefield of Chad (Chad Littlefield) and Eddie Ruth Ray (Eddie Ray Routh) arrives at the range surrounded by Erat in the central part of Texas. It is understood that 35-year-old Littlefield was a friend of Kyle's, they played sports together and were neighbors. With 25-year-old Ruth they met, apparently, not so long ago, and shoot with them went the first time. As the investigators say, at some point Ruth opened fire on fellow automatic pistol, and then fled. After a couple of hours and the bodies of Kyle Littlefield, with multiple gunshot wounds found a local ranger which and called 911.

Officially motives killer is not named, but it is clear that Ruth — veteran Iraq war which, most likely suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder — a spiritual disease, which in America often complain veterans zabugornyh campaigns. Like Kyle, he served in the Marines, was an excellent marksmanship, has several awards. Ruth was sent twice over the limit — in Iraq from September 2007 to March 2008 and Haiti in 2010. He then retired to the reserve with the rank of corporal.

The best sniper U.S. died in his native Texas
Eddie Ray Ruth Photo: Reuters

Plainclothes life of Ruth did not develop. After his discharge from the service, he never got constant work, moonlighting as a carpenter, at least one time he was arrested for driving under the influence. "Mother suspected for a long time worked as a school teacher — said Sheriff Tommy Bryant neighborhood Erat (Tommy Bryant). — Maybe it is specifically addressed to the Emperor Kyle, so he tried to assist her offspring. We tend to think that they were at the range, as it was part of the applicable sovereign Kyle therapy. " This version is supported by other Kyle, Director of the Foundation FITCO Cares Travis Cox (Travis Cox): «I understand that Chris and the second gentleman, Chad Littlefield took with them on the shooting veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, to try to help him" .

From the atrocities killer escaped on a pickup truck owned by Kyle and first went to is located near Midlothian. There, in the same town with Kyle and Littlefield, live sister Ruth and her husband. After describing what he had done to relatives, who are also called the police, Ruth went on and made it to his home in Lancaster — the southern suburb of Dallas, where he was detained by police. Gun — the alleged murder weapon — found in the suspect's house. Against Ruta charged with 2-intentional murder punishable by the laws of the Texas death penalty.

At the moment, Ruth held in solitary confinement in the slammer neighborhood Erat, and for him stares administration. His neighbors and friends recall that he seemed completely normal, and can not comprehend what happened. It is unclear whether he is aware of how and why was the instrument of vengeance, which the Iraqis so lusted "Shaitan of Ramadi."

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