The giants of Easter Island

Eyewitness F. Mazer said that some of the lying here and there on Easter Island statues corroded weathering and covered with moss, while others have completely undamaged, clean surface. Members of the island explained to him: "Those moai, which does not grow moss, still alive."

In other words, these statues have retained a charge of energy, "mana", which they have provided in antiquity. To convince the islanders charged statues radiated "mana" with my own eyes. Today all the moai empty eye sockets, but archaeological excavations near them were found broken into pieces "eyes" made from coral. The once they have been inserted into the eye socket, but after the destruction of "long-eared" islanders overturned all the statues on the island (it was easy to do with inciting a statue of wedges) and dug out their eyes, thus destroying all that kind of power structure, which for many years created a "long-eared". By the way, if you need a good tutor English language cues, then such a tutor can be found at

And they arranged the hundreds of statues on the island is clearly on some predetermined plan. All the statues were installed, with rare exceptions, so that their eyes were towards the center of the island. If the statue is really emit some aimed energopuchki, these rays were to converge on a certain part of the island. Why was this necessary, it remains a mystery who performed the project. Obviously, "long-eared" did not have time to complete the multi-year plan, and the rebels' korotkouhie "not only destroyed the hated oppressors, but also tried to do everything to destroy them" devil's project. "

You can also make the assumption that the orbit moai obviously not accidentally inserted "chapter for" coral. The structure of coral limestone, appears to have much in common with the structure of nummulitovogo (in terms of torsion technologies). Each individual coral is a cylindrical tube made of fibrous calcite, divided by transverse partitions into numerous kamerki. It seems that this could be a kind of tube lens (and sink nummulita), concentrated, and directs the torsional wave field. But that's just a guess, and it needs to be checked experimentally.

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