The Libyan revolution has made it to its own ideology (anti-American actions across the Muslim world)

The Libyan revolution reached its ideology (anti-American actions across the Muslim world)A strange deja vu must have experienced people who have seen the picture reprinted AFP South American ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens, who was somewhere drags mass of people. No further in October last year, the entire world is open a discussion breathtakingly similar frames, made in Libya. Only the main actor was then deposed Libyan Muammar Gaddafi's favorite. Neuzh a bitter dramatic stories all the same is taking place. That's not Believe then in fatalism and irony …

September 11, 2012 south american salting Stevens arrived in Libya in the so-referred to as the eastern capital of modern Libya — the city Benghazi. Its arrival of the diplomatic mission of the United States stationed in Tripoli, was dedicated to the opening of a cultural center. But instead of the stock culture in the town broke a real bloody drama, the premise of which up to this time are the subject of much debate.

The initial version, which is considered the official, it looks like that. In Benghazi, thousands of people took to the streets for a rally, which was organized to local Muslims expressed their outrage at the not so long ago released into the world of South American film director Sam Besila "Innocence of Muslims" or "Muhammad, the prophet of the Muslims." Trailer of the movie at this point can be found in the vast web. The in-house movie Besil decided to show the Prophet Muhammad the most real antisocial type that is almost immoral lifestyle, is gay and calls on his supporters to violence. It is reported that one of the co-authors of the controversial film is obviously a controversial pastor Terry Jones, which already at one point managed to arouse the indignation of Muslims to discover that publicly burned the Koran. The pastor said that the movie was not shot in order to stigmatize Muslims but to show the "destructiveness" of their religion … Besil director said that the movie filmed at the expense of some of the Jewish community in the U.S. and points out that "the Muslim faith — a cancer "…

For obvious reasons, the new put-down to the address of Islam by certain people of the U.S., has caused real outrage across the Muslim world. Benghazi was in the middle of the cities where it was decided to hold demonstrations against the output movie "Innocence of Muslims" in the car and generally against the idea of producing an attack on the Islamic faith.

First go from Benghazi information was to ensure that the processing of information after an angry mass of nearly ran into the South American representative, where a catastrophic accident was salting Chris Stevens. What exactly happened inside the buildings of the American diplomatic mission in Benghazi, are not reported, but a victim of all this action was specifically south american salting, who died on the way to one of the local hospitals. According to the Associated Press, Stevens cause of death was severe asphyxia. Dr. Abu Zeid said that such a reason, perhaps related to carbon monoxide poisoning.
If we consider all the actions described in Benghazi, it turns out that salting was the victim of a crowd on nezapyatannoy chance. Specifically, this version and made a South American power. Say, "peaceful" Libyans, who in October last year otdemokratizirovalis really, really did not intend to kill Chris Stevens. Like, it's a fatal accident involving only with the protests peaceful inhabitants, who are "a little poshumeli," in the end what exactly was the random victim and Mr. Stevens.

Of course, that such an official explanation only fueled the enthusiasm for disaster, especially from the American people from among the followers of the Republicans. Prorespublikanskaya press in the United States Named tragedy in Benghazi complete failure of today's policy of the U.S. administration.

After a detailed study of frames with the "peaceful" Islamic demonstrations in the 2nd by value Libyan town turned out that in the middle of "peaceful" Libyans were suspicious of a lot of people, in whose hands had machine guns and grenade launchers. This gives reason to talk about the fact that an attack on a South American embassy in Benghazi was pretty well planned. Of course, the demonstration itself to certain forces served only as a backdrop. The background against which the main action — the murder of a South American diplomat. And after all the militants were obmysleno to the smallest detail: the organization of the action against the film director Besila — once perturbed by weight — two, the arrival of the U.S. Ambassador in Benghazi — three. Indeed, all the outside resembles a fatal accident, but luck is very much matches.

It should be noted that Chris Stevens — man, that at the start of the revolution in Libya was the main functionary of the United States in connection plans U.S. authorities with the armed opposition. In fact the case, Stevens can be considered the main figure, offering armed anti-Government groups in Libya concrete help to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi. The opposition, as you know, Gaddafi overthrew (with the help of the United States). Scenes from the bloody colonel, whose raging mass of ecstasy somewhere dragged through the streets of the town, saw the billion people around the world. But now — with Gaddafi massacred … Democracy in the American triumph in Libya … freedom of speech, human rights and all the rest … And again we litsezreem screens man with caked on his head and jaws with blood, which dragged somewhere Libyans … Only it's people — the "winner", the ideological inspirer of the Libyan people, to focus on the people that struggle with a "bloody tyrant" Gaddafi. As they say, "and each will be rewarded according to his deeds …" Yeah, not subtract, not add.

Apparently, the South American political elite who have brought the car of the regional revolutions, do not really know what is usually such revolutions are completed. If they sat down at least for the textbooks on the history of global revolution, it would have seen that very often tends to grind revolution not only those against whom it was organized, but later, and those who organized it. The case of the South American Ambassador Chris Stevens — what a nice example.

Washington, aware that he was in a very awkward position, he began to find ways to solve the problem formed. On the one hand, the Obama administration can not turn away from the "democratic achievements" in Libya, called the victory terrorist mob, but on the other side of it (the administration) will have to show willingness to protect "the Libyan people won democratic values." Apparently, specifically for the protection of these "values" in Benghazi and were targeted two U.S. warships (destroyers McFaul and Laboon), fifty Marines units of FAST (special forces soldiers, designed to protect the South American diplomatic consulates), unmanned aerial vehicles and FBI investigative team. Drones and the FBI, according to the plan of Washington, will have to identify the organizers and the specific killers of Christopher Stevens … Now the announcement that the terrorists who attacked the South American office in Benghazi found — a matter of honor for the current U.S. president Obama.

By the way, is absolutely not surprisingly, if already recently having shown us a picture of a terrorist des
troyed, which will be accompanied by a text that is exactly it September 11, 2012 killed a South American ambassador to Libya, strangling of carbon monoxide. And now, they say, this outcast, whose democratic Libyan people almost cursed for killing the ambassador of friendly countries, South American marines killed in his own closet, well, either in the bedroom … Later this man's corpse will be thrown into the sea. And again, deja vu …

Of course, that then can crawl back up the current rating of the South American president. And this growth is because Obama is now very, very necessary … So map Ambassador Stevens is now in the United States can play both Republicans and Democrats.

And the closer the elections in the most democratic country in the world, so from that democracy is worse …

PS While preparing this material, received information that a wave of anti-Americanism shares virtually swept the Muslim world. Attacked not only by the diplomatic mission in Libya, and the U.S. embassies in Egypt and Yemen. In the town of Sanaa (Yemen), died as a result of pogroms, at least one person, a few have received severe injuries. Around the building of the U.S. embassy burning cars American diplomats. By the way, Yemen — another country "bandwagon" of democracy, why put your hand Americans.

More than five hundred people picketed the Swiss embassy in the Iranian capital. The Swiss Embassy is selected not the case: specifically the country is now the U.S. interests in Tehran.

Millstone Arab revolutions began to spin at full speed, but in the working direction.

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