What is channeling

Channeling — information contact with higher intelligence. Often during a meeting with unexplained visual being, it appears as an abstract substance.

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This is called the image of the "sub-human" or "man incomplete." That is, the contactees tend to see one head or one leg. Other body parts contactee think up myself, so it is easier to understand the mind, to realize that in front of him.

When contact occurs not with one but with several entities that often, these entities are very different from each other. One can be "dressed" in dark jeans, the other — in a bright yellow jacket. And that many psychics are considered a good sign. After dark denim color and bright yellow at the confluence give green, and the color of the biofield, able to heal. Since these entities may be the guardian angels. They — the most close and loyal friends of each person.

All of the people with whom one encounters in life, verified personal guardian angel. It is believed that angels can communicate with only those people who do not get involved in foreign fuss and develop their inner world. A striking example — Seraphim of Sarov. He did not once seen and communicated with the spirit of the Mother of God. But for the life he could not do anything conceived, his energy was not exhausted.

So he continues to work miracles, and now, after his death. He goes to the contact with those who can help him in plan execution. But how to explain the fact that not all the global events become known to mankind to their accomplishments?

Let us consider as an example of well-known rock art in Peru. On the cliff shown huge figures of animals and birds. Much later, after thousands of years, the world saw the crop circles, but the similarity of these images is obvious. Some of them are completely the same. This means that one day mankind explain them properly, and supreme intelligence gave the inhabitants of the earth a second chance.

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