Will Belarus to sell grain in spite of Russia?


Russian Prime Vladimir Putin August 9 announced data: projected grain harvest this year will be 60-65 million tons, which is one third less than last year. The internal demand in the Russian grain is 78 million tons. Putin said that "count on a quick removal of the export ban is not necessary."

According to First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Igor Shuvalov, grain export ban applies to all states, including partners in the Customs Union — Belarus and Russia.

In this case, Shuvalov said that so far, the creation of a single economic space, in contrast to the import export policy remains the prerogative of the Member States of the customs union. In other words, the Committee of the Customs Union or Russia can not claim from Belarus cease the export of grain, can only ask. Bye.

The Customs Union of Russia, or may not demand from Belarus cease the export of grain, can only ask.

Meanwhile, this week summed up the preliminary results of the harvest in Belarus. Collected until 6 million tons. According to the forecast will be collected only about 8 million, a million and a half less than planned. In early July, world grain prices have risen by 30%. Then Alexander Lukashenko said: "In This year, requirements for cleaning will be the most severe … because in today's world do not have enough bread. In Russia and Kazakhstan, drought, and Europe was flooded … Will the high price of corn. "These words that imply Belarus earn the grain exports. Or give it to these plans in connection with a request to Russia?

From the comments the Minister of Agriculture and Food Michael blond it should not have. On the contrary, he said he did not see the need to impose a ban on grain exports. However, the minister added that through the official channels of proposals to ban the export of Belarusian grains have been reported. "They'll come materials — will be considered, but I do not see the need … Everyone watches the efficient use of resources in a situation that has developed in his State of the … We have enough grain. We can deliver and outside the country, "- said the Minister. It is not clear, the minister was referring to deliveries to Russia or outside the Customs Union, which Russia had requested not to do.

In an interview with Interfax minister showed optimism: "I think there is no problem. This is an internal matter of … we do not have any problems with the Russian Federation and the Russian Federation — the world … and will not have any problems in the domestic the market. " Incidentally, Belarus imports of Russian wheat and barley, although in small amounts — in the past year was purchased about 6,000 tons of wheat and thousands of tons of barley, half a year — about 5,000 tons of grain. Total imports of grain in the country This year, amounted to 68,000 tons.

Of course, such a small volume of imports from Russia, which lost communication with the Russian ban, Belarus and really be able to easily make up for in other places.

According to the minister of agriculture is not directly should also be sure that Belarus to export grain.

Harvest may not get as big as expected, and will not be particularly what to sell.

According to some experts the crop can not get as big as expected, and will not be particularly what to sell.

But, apparently, in political terms, Minsk keeps pausing while leaving open a variety of possibilities and not rushing to accommodate Moscow in the performance of its request.

By the way, Kazakhstan has responded to a request from Russia is also negative. The representative of the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan said that the country is not going to impose restrictions on the export of its grain, even if the harvest will be lower than expected. Astana waits that Moscow "will ask for a re-orientation of Kazakh grain export to the Russian market." Minselharchu official said that "the Russian market without orientation is for us the most intimate, intuitive and lyagistychna lined up. And unless directed our entrepreneurs will supply grain to the Russian market."

Kazakhstan is expected this year will bring together about 15 million tons of grain, while 8 million tons will be exported.

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