NyuVak introduced a new cancer vaccine

NyuVak introduced the world's only commercially available vaccine for the treatment of individual patients with renal cell carcinoma at the XVI Congress of the Russian Cancer.

Much attention has been paid to experts in contemporary approaches to treatment of advanced renal cell cancer. As part of its research program development NyuVak plans to study personalized immunotherapy drug Onkofag® in the treatment of this disease, including in combined mode with multi-kinase inhibitor pazopanib, the importance of which was highlighted during the symposium, chaired by Professor Sergey A. Tyulyandina. This approach is explained by the positive reviews of the

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In Brest want to speak in favor of the convention on disappearances

Society In the Brest City Executive Committee on August 15 sent an application to host the regional center of the rally, the participants of which intend to speak for signature by Belarus of the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance.

As BelaPAN applicant shares, human rights activist Raman Kislyak, event scheduled for August 30. His goal — to attract the attention of the inhabitants of the city to demand the signing of the competent public authorities of the country of the convention.

Kisljak recalled that on August 30 — International Day of the

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Collect a hundred thousand signatures will only three

Society Co-chair of the organizing committee of the BCD Vitaly Rymashevski met on August 15 in Grodno with their fans. The conversation was primarily about the upcoming presidential election and his plans to personally participate in them.  Rymashevski thinks of opposition candidates will be able to collect the necessary registration for one hundred thousand signatures of no more than three people. Already we can say in advance, that elections will be illegitimate if they would participate Lukashenko, Also notes V.Rimashevsky. "So little time before the election — agrees chairman of the organizing committee of the BCD, and also a small chance

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Does Russia need the juvenile justice system?

For some time now has been considerable debate about the introduction in Russia of the juvenile justice system. What lies behind this term and why it is such a flurry of emotions? What rights do parents and children? Which of them is in need of protection?

1. Juvenile justice — what is it? Translated from Latin, the term means something like "justice for the young." Juvenile Justice (Yuyu) deals with legal issues relating to children and adolescents. Put simply, that its objectives, on the one hand, is "justice for juvenile offenders or victims, control over their rehabilitation and prevention

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Defense Forces will conduct exercises 4 fleets

Large prazdnichek expects sailors at the end of January 2013From the Russian Ministry of Defense came the news that at the end of the first month 2013 will be conducted large-scale exercises 4 fleets Russian Federation. Office reports that the maneuvers will take place at 2-seas: the Black Sea and the Mediterranean.It should be noted that the standard of teaching in January 2013 year will be the biggest in the history of modern Russia. Similar exercises sailors have long waited and now dreams can come true in reality very recently.The main objective of future large-scale exercises is that the sailors

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Baku to deny the information about donor organs from Belarus

Society Azerbaijani Prosecutor General's Office has denied the information on the transnational criminal gang that was engaged in a "black transplantation" of the citizens of Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Belarus and Uzbekistan, and then transported them to Azerbaijan and Ecuador for transplant recipients from Israel. Some media CIS has also been reported that the criminal activities of black transplant surgeons led by the National Institute of Surgery and transplyantalegii name Shalimova in Kiev, managed to uncover and disrupt Ukrainian law enforcement agencies.

As stated by the Attorney General of Azerbaijan, the Ministry of Interior countries were given appropriate instructions regarding the

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Beaches Israel attacked jellyfish

As reported vesti.ru, to the Mediterranean coast of Israel is approaching a lot of jellyfish.

According to the Israeli Institute for the Study of the seas and oceans, jellyfish attack the coastline between Haifa and Ashkelon. In some places they are still quite far away, but somewhere quite close. Thus, in the Haifa area jellyfish are at a distance of 300 meters to three kilometers from the coast, and to the south — in Rishon Lezion — they are a kilometer from the coast. According to ITAR-TASS, the beaches of Tel Aviv and north of Haifa yet saw only

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Gee, however,

The U.S. Congress wants to ban Washington arming the Syrian opposition [com]

U.S. Congress to consider a bill that prohibits Washington arming the Syrian opposition. This initiative by a group of senators, TV channel "Russia 24?.

Telegrafist reports that in the U.S., as in Britain, the draw of a card counter by Syrian rebels in the state that the window of opportunity could always come off from their obligations to the militants, explaining in this case the decision of the Congress, not the pressure of Russia. The

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Secrets of the world — They are among us

May 24, 2012 21:20

Elves, dwarves, goblins and banshees, brownies and goblins … There is a perception: the essence of non-human origin do live among us!

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Tours to Mexico and Mexican food

What do we know about Mexican cuisine? Our idea of the culinary customs of the country is limited to information that the food there is very sharp and always accompanied by tequila. In general, this is true, but there are some peculiarities. Mexico — a unique country with a rich culture and a more than thousand years of history and spiritual heritage. It is the cradle of ancient civilizations powerful tribes of the Aztecs and Mayans. Original nature, warm sunshine and lush tropical vegetation, attracts travelers like a magnet. Every year more and more tourists are buying trips to Mexico.

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