A nuclear power plant in the Saratov region cut off power unit

A nuclear power plant in the Saratov region cut off power unit

According kp.ru, this morning on rumors Saratov region — something not at Balakovo NPP. Third eneprgoblok again does not work. The people held their breath, waiting for the official announcement and calmed the nerves with red wine. Like, say, radiation helps. But found no reason for panic. Currently third power BNPP really disabled. Yesterday, at about 18:00, he was routinely off-loaded by 50%. Management has decided to temporarily reduce power during exercise. Ten days ago, on June 19, is a hardware failure — because of the temperature sensor glitch occurred automatic shutdown of the power system. Less than a day on a newly commissioned. But now experts have decided to diagnose mechanical equipment. At night, during the inspection, they found fault.

— Now replace the main circulation pump motor. That's why we stopped the unit today, about chetyrezh morning. Plan to complete the repairs to the July 6, — reported in the Public Information Center of Balakovo NPP.

According to the international rating scale of nuclear events in nuclear power plants — the event is classified as — "out of scale" that is, has no effect on the population and the environment.

— Our people likes to worry because every message that action be taken at the plant. But there is nothing special happened. Everything takes place in a normal mode, the radiation background is normal. Help our specialists are not required — to the Regional Ministry for Emergencies. — Votoroy and fourth units operate in full mode, the first — due to the current remnta loaded by 50%.


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