British Rally Green was the longest in the history of the country

Weekly protest British "green" to the use of gas in power ended on Tuesday, becoming the longest running action of this kind at a power plant in the country's history, the website of the environmental community "No dash for gas".

29 October 17 activists climbed to the height of two tubes about 80 meters of new gas power plant in the English East Bertone to cease operation of the station and to stop the construction of such plants in the future. Station in East Burton — the first of twenty new gas-fired plants, which the UK government is planning to build in the near future. However, according to activists, gas stations make "expensive and dirty" electricity, and the government should not increase their number.

Morning of 6 November last two activists of the 17 people who participated in the protest, down from power plants and pipes have been arrested by the police. The other participants were detained earlier.

"For the first time the activists were able to stop the plant. This action has the longest" capture "power plant" green "in British history. We prevented the release into the atmosphere of 20,000 tons of CO2, and stopped work at the station for a week. I am proud of what we have achieved, but this is just the beginning of the struggle for our energy future, "- the words of one leading website of the protesters Yasevich Eva (Ewa Jasiewicz).

As the newspaper Guardian, action has severely criticized by the local police and MP from the Labour Party, John Mann, who said that "pay" a week power outage will taxpayers. The station operator EDF said in a statement that the station development project which began in 2007, provide electricity to 1.5 million households, "will play a role in the transition to low-carbon energy generation and balanced."

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