Defence Ministry is negotiating the purchase of 4 vehicles Mistral

Defence Ministry is negotiating the purchase of 4 vehicles "Mistral"

Our homeland talks with France, Spain and the Netherlands on the purchase of 4 helicopter type "Mistral"Said Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, noting that talks are in the pre-contract phase.

For all this, the minister said, one of the helicopter will be absolutely built abroad, others — with the role of Russian shipbuilders.

"The first helicopter will go to the Northern and Pacific fleets: they need the most ships of this class, Serdyukov said.

Landing class helicopter carrier "Mistral" has a total displacement of 21 thousand 300 tons, the highest length of 210 m, a width of 30 m, the highest speed of 19 knots, the crew of 160 people. Capable of carrying 450 people and assault landing craft: 16 languid helicopters, hovercraft and motorboats.

Recall that in December 2009. Commander-in-Chief of the Navy (Navy) Vladimir Vysotsky said the Russian shipyards will be able to build ships of type "Mistral. "According to him, this is not" a dumb purchase the ship, "plans to attract zabugornye technology for the construction of similar ships in Russia.

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