Eruption of Mount Etna

This morning there was an eruption of Etna in Sicily. Thirteenth in the year.

Guide Catania Fontanarossa Airport, which is located 5 km from the city, said today at 10 am on flight delays, related to the activity of the volcano Etna.

"From 7 am showed itself a new crater. Volcanic ash cloud is moving south side, "- said Mauro Martelli Council of Volcanology and geochemistry.

Every hour, take to the sky no more than 6 aircraft. A schedule to adhere to 23:30 local time. Due to delays in flights passengers can find all the latest information on the airport site www. aeroporto.satania or call your airline.

A special commission will monitor the situation related to the activity of the volcano. Experts predict that the airport is unlikely to be closed, and hope for a possible reduction of the backlog in the schedule. Remember, this is already the thirteenth case this year, when the volcano intervenes in worldly affairs. Now for the volcano closely watched by experts from the National Institute of Geodesy and Volcanology of Catania.


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