Even today, Aug. 13



Returns to the heat, all day sun, the temperature is +33-35 C

Do not pass:

In the Kaliningrad University of I. Kant (Russia) starts the 4th Baltic educational forum with the participation of Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Finland and Estonia


1521: Hernán Cortés conquered the Aztec capital Tsenachtytlan (now Mexico City).

1905 In Norway, a referendum on dissolution of the union with Sweden.

1920 The offensive of the Red Army, headed by Tukhachevsky to Warsaw.

1940: Beginning of massive raids by Nazi aircraft on British cities (Battle of Britain)

1961 East Germany closed the border between East and West Berlin.

1969 between the Chinese and Soviet forces began fighting in the area of Lake Zhalanashkol

1990: Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev issued a decree "On the restoration of the rights of all victims of political repressions 20's and 50's"

1871: Carl Libkneht, leader of the German and the international Social-Democracy (zabity. 15/01/1919)

1899: Alfred Hitchcock, the Anglo-American film director, "the king" horror films

1926: Fidel Castro, the revolutionary leader of Cuba


1900: Vladimir Solovyov, Russian philosopher

1946: HG Wells, English writer

1956: The Yakub Kolas, Belarusian writer, teacher, scientist, one of the founders of the modern Belarusian literary language

There is a reason:

International Day of left-handers

Japan — beginning Abona holiday memory of the dead (13-15 August)

MINUS 365:

1.4 million fine for Independence Day

Quote to remember:

You ask yourself, people:
I did for my country, or many?
I took that burden on the shoulders of you,
To bring our time win?

Yakub Kolas



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