For us it will be a second Chernobyl

This risk is increased by the fact that in the neighboring districts of Belarus fires in the Bryansk region contaminated land already ablaze. Meanwhile, forest workers complain about the lack of technical equipment that could help prevent fires.

Gomel Oblast

"We traveled to Moscow — suffocated by the smoke"

In the neighboring district of Bryansk Dobrush Gomel region, local residents while not particularly feel the smoke from forest fires, which flooded the neighboring Russian regions. However, Ms. Olga from the village of Maisky tried the Russian smog.

"So we went — to Moscow, it is not clear how much, and the bus — traveling by bus from a cousin of Dobrush — we were suffocating. Here in the village, it was felt a little bit, but we did not know where it came from. Was thought somewhere in us burns. And my grandson said, "Grandma, this is us rushing from Moscow."

However, burning in Dobrush district and local swamp — near the village of St. Basil, which is also contaminated by radiation. Almost 10 hours firefighters poured fire on the moor.

"Zone" was canceled, but the children get sick, many of them with disabilities "

Cupratsovnitsa the local village council worried. Reports that Chernobyl benefits canceled prematurely:

"We already have the" zone "in these villages is canceled, benefits eliminated. But here is the radiation level from 1 to 15 curies. Children get sick. We got close in the village Igavka, many children with disabilities, diseases which are associated with Chernobyl. It it is visible! naked eye can see that the children are not like they used to. "

The intense heat and dryness make people worry for the harvest and worry about every smoke, especially if a settlement surrounded by a forest.

Squatters villages contaminated by radiation Demyanko same Dobrush district, which borders the Bryansk region of Russia, has recently greatly frightened smoke. However, it was not the smoke from the fire on the Russian side. To him involved no neighbors, and the local police.

"We've got around the grass overgrown, dry wood is everywhere. When lit, then boil all here"

Narrating Mrs. Rice from the village Demyanko — after the Chernobyl disaster she and her husband refused to move to a clean area:

"In the Circle neighboring police mowed hemp and lit them. They grew up lying next to manure — manure and then caught fire. Smoldering heap that we have so smelled of smoke. Near here Krugovka th Birches. Cannabis allegedly overgrown, police and mowed them smoked. Here we have all the grass around the bush, the forest is everywhere. then there is all — down the drain is lit. boil all here. "


"Fire poses a threat to the Pripyat floodplain"

Scientists Brest warned that with every passing day the situation is worsening fever, especially in the dry and polluted areas.

Employees Pinsky Environmental Institute National Academy of Sciences noted that the greatest danger today is the Pripyat floodplain, which has many small villages and hamlets:

"The real threat to the effects of fire on the level of casualties in Polessie very real. Vegetation can be ignited by a random matches from lightning. Moreover, wetlands, especially now that have very unpleasant feature — spontaneous combustion of peat when it overheated in the sun."

Thus, as a scientist, a fire can occur without the so-called human factor. In Stolin there swamps, where the concentration of radionuclides is about five curies. The majority of the swampy tracts contain about one curie. Fires in this area can be a real disaster, he says:

"If a marsh light, it will be even smoke, but Chernobyl"

"All the radiation is contained in the moss. When will heat up to the end of August, the risk of ignition of the moss will increase many times. Moreover, it was at this time, people will gather cranberries. When these marshes light, it will be even smoke, but the second Chernobyl" .

Every day poleshuki hear about the fire. On the other hand, in the heat and high heat needs to go into the woods do not. The berry season is over, and mushrooms in the woods now to be found, says a resident of the district Luninetsk:

"We are afraid to really fire. But while we relaxed atmosphere. Strawberries are over, no mushrooms at all, so the forest is almost no one visits."

In Pinsk region the situation is similar. No special fire, but each issue of local newspapers is a warning that the forest, swamps visit unless absolutely necessary not worth it, says a resident of the Pinsk district:

"In RAYGAZ "News Polessye" permanently printed warning of possible fires. People tend not to go and see the forest, the lake, the swamp. Very afraid of fire, the more so in the news a lot of talk. But so far we have here is no fire. Earlier, a few years ago, when the marshes were burning, even the air smelled of smoke. And now in peace. "

In Stolin Glinka village — just a swamp. Many forests near the villages too, are on the moors. A local woman says that now there is a ban yourself visit the forest. This can only be done with a forester or forestry workers:

"Our village is in a swamp. But until now, thank God, quietly. Wildfires not. Through the local press information on poles near the shop hangs a note on the ban on visiting the forests and swamps. Villagers can not even prepare yourself firewood."


Fires have occurred in each forest

At the stricken Chernobyl Mogilev this year is no forest, where there happened to local fires. That's what told reporters head of the Mogilev Regional Forestry Association Gennady Frantsikav:

"This season was 108 fires. And in the last days of August — 20. Already suffered all forest enterprises — each fire occurred. And the most — in Asipovichy, Mogilev and Bobruisk."

According to the forest ranger Balonavskaga Sergei Tsyaglika, control of the dangerous situation helps keep your camcorder. It is mounted on the tower and transmits an image from the forest to the control room around the clock.

"Almost one such camera covers the entire territory of our forest covers 35 kilometers. Chamber works for us for three years. Fault no. Works fine."

Video cameras, only 60, and the situation requires at least 600

The Ministry of Forestry clarify: Action Video Camera only 60, if necessary, a minimum of six hundred and twentieth Office may purchase the necessary equipment, even on credit, as the camera is one of about 30 million rubles.


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