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Rustam Minnihanav

This year, Rustam Minnihanav succeeded to the presidency of the political longevity M.Shaimiev. 73-year-old led the Tatarstan Shaymiev 25 years and "outlasted" on the post a lot of Kremlin leaders — Mikhail Gorbachev, Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin. However, on the record with a much younger Dmitry Medvedev has not swung.

As predicted by experts, many Russian regions will be forced to turn to Belarus in their food security. Low grain yield due to the unprecedented drought and fires destroyed the fields actually put Russia on the brink of a grain shortage.

During a meeting with Sergei Sidorsky Tatarstan President said bluntly: the republic is interested to buy Belarusian grain and potatoes, as well as livestock feed. According Minnihanava, instead of the previously planned 5 million tons of grain this year because of the abnormally dry weather will at best be collected about 700 thousand tons. This is despite the fact that Tatarstan — the livestock area and is in need of cereal.

In a conversation with Alexander Lukashenko Rustam Minnihanav confirmed its intention to expand food imports from Belarus. Lukashenko, in turn, as a former landowner, agreed that the drought situation in the most severe damage was caused by the agricultural industry. He assured in spite of the reduction of the gross collection, if there are reserves, Belarus, given the stocks of grain, "will certainly help." Let us recall that some time ago, anticipating problems with the harvest in Russia, Lukashenko ordered the government to monitor the situation and make the export of grain by selling it "expensive."

However, we must consider whether the President's visit to Minsk Minnihanava exclusively in the economic sphere? Political scientist Vyacheslav Orgish do not rule out that he had and the peacekeeping mission — to reconcile the conflict in the tightened Moscow and Minsk:

"The specified economic context is implemented, it is indisputable. But it is clear that the economy never moves away from politics. Course, today in an emergency situation, the tension between the official Minsk and the Kremlin need any intermediaries medyyatary that might in some way contribute to the development of a more or less normal relations. And representatives of Russian regional elites with which the Belarusian authorities have always tried to be conducted, it just might play a positive role. I believe that it is in this regard and should be considered the visit of President of Tatarstan, a meeting with Belarusian head of government and Lukashenko. guess that discussed not only economic issues, namely the question of establishing relations between Belarus and Russia. "

After dinner, head of the Russian region was demonstrated complex "Minsk-Arena". In 2013, Kazan will take the World Summer Student vniversiyadu to which only a few thousand athletes zedetstsa. This event is built lots of sports facilities, and Belarusian officials hope that colleagues interested in Tatarstan experience of the construction of palaces rich.

Experts say that in recent years Tatarstan became the third most important region of Russia after Moscow and St. Petersburg. Including the foreign policy arena.

Last year, for the first time in the history of Russian-American relations Kazan official visit to the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. In a sense, it was the recognition of the special status of the Republic: during the presidency of Boris Yeltsin in Tatarstan almost ceased functioning federal laws and, in fact, the region has existed as a sovereign state, "is associated with the Russian Federation" — it is this form of relationship with the center has been fixed in the national constitution. The situation gradually began to change with the coming to power Vladimir Putin: At the very least, only in 2000 the inhabitants of Tatarstan first seen on the streets of their cities in the Russian tricolor. So far they have treated their own attributes independence. By the way, in colors of a flag of Tatarstan is very similar to the Belarusian government.

During the first half of the trade between Belarus and Tatarstan has exceeded $ 400 million — more than many sovereign states. Major exports in Tatarstan are tractors, engines, cord for tires, wire, air and vacuum pumps, motorized devices, gas compressors and fans, electrical equipment for internal combustion engines. This year, the start deliveries of Belarusian trolleybuses, trams and buses. In turn, Belarus imported crude oil and petroleum products, synthetic rubber, electrical generators, alcohol.

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