Inspection identifies trees that threaten facilities at the Games in Sochi

Special inspection to identify hazardous trees that may threaten the Olympic facilities in Sochi, said the president of the organizing committee "Sochi 2014" Dmitry Chernyshenko.

On Sunday, a support cableway "Olympia" ski resort "Rose Farm" because of heavy snowfall, which lasted all day, a tree fell. As a result, the cable broke down two empty booths cable car, no one was hurt. Work cable car was stopped. Within two hours of the resort and rescue workers removed the fallen tree and hung evacuated from booths 75. The efficiency of the cable car was restored.

"Our leaders are subject to the site, in a rescue operation was attended by 87 staff members of the object. They evacuate, then go down to a slow speed stall. This was a huge relic pine or beech, which fell not from the" Rose Farm "and reserve branches ropes — Chernyshenko said in Moscow on Wednesday at a meeting with journalists. — Now an inspection, which should identify trees that can pose a threat. desert do not want to do, so it will be determined by an objective picture of the trees. "

The Olympic Games will be held in Sochi, 7-23 February 2014.

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