JSC Rostov TSPKB Stapel A new draft dredger

The next project for the dredging vessel fleet is designed and delivered to the customer of "RTSPKB" Stapel ": dredger capacity of 4000 cubic meters per hour at a pulp.

 Photo source:stapel.ru

Type dredger — a floating, self-propelled, diesel, collapsible cutter dredger with loosening, hydrowashout soil and system gidroobmyva mills, capacity of 4000 m3 / h of pulp.

 Photo source:stapel.ru

The dredger is used for the construction of alluvial hydraulic, mining materials, cleaning water from sediment and vegetation, as well as dredging. Category dredge soils developed from I to V.

 Photo source:stapel.ru

The vessel is a collapsible structure consisting of six pontoons (two central and four side) are attached to each other by means of bolting. With this design and dimensions of the pontoon boat can be delivered to the assembly and the subsequent work by any mode of transport. At the moment, this dredge is the most productive of prefabricated dredges of this type.

Soil intake device dredger equipped with soil pump Warman 28 | 24P-G, designed to work at a depth of from two to sixteen meters. The vessel is equipped with one offensive sample receiver who takes the ground when moving forward dredger.

As a power plant mounted on a ship diesel engine-gear unit (DRA) consisting of diesel DEUTZT BD 620 V12 1540 kW output speed 1800 rev / min and irreversibly ZF Masson Marine gear at a speed at the outlet 325 rev / min. To supply electricity to the dredger used diesel generator DGA-300-A1-B-MEA.

For information about the operator's hydraulic transport modes and maintain the intensity gruntozabora optimally design capacity for the device parameters meter dredge like "CASCADE-M".

Autonomy ship by fuel, oil, oily water collection is three days, based on length of watch 8:00.

The project is self-propelled floating dredger capacity of 4000 cubic meters per hour on pulp is made to the class O + 2.0 (Ice 10) Russian River Register, and meets all the requirements for fire safety and sanitation standards.

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