Kuzbass vlastispasayut animals abandoned zoo

The regional authorities are transported on specially equipped area frozen and starving animals were left for the winter in the Kuzbass owners toured the zoo here, told RIA Novosti on Thursday, a representative of the regional department for the protection of wildlife.

According to her, the reason for this decision was the complaint kemerovchan on animal abuse in the zoo, toured the city, — Ltd. "Panther" (co-founders are in Udmurtia and Armenia). Summer zoo was located under one of the city's bridges. As it turned out, the owners left the zoo for the winter Kemerovo region, and the owners were familiar look after the animals and transported them to the unadapted warehouse.

Department inspectors, checking circulation of citizens, were missing lion, deer, white-tailed eagles and two donkey, which menagerie brought to the region last summer. As it turned out, all the animals were killed, according to the autopsy, from poor conditions and feeding, including hypothermia, and some — from malnutrition.

At the time of a mobile zoo were 18 animals and three birds, including five bears, tiger, three foxes, a pair of wolves, monkeys, an eagle. In this familiar owners had no legal documents.

"To save the animals and birds, the governor (Kuzbass Aman Tuleyev) has decided to transfer them to the organization, where the content of wild animals are well organized and proper feeding is assured. Fox, badger, raccoon and sika deer has taken on Thursday at a wildlife park Tang ( Promishlennaya district), and guinea fowl, eagle and goat — in the Museum "Tomsk Pisanitsa" (Yashkinsky district), "- said the agency interlocutor. She said that on Friday at Tanai is scheduled to deliver three brown and two Himalayan bears, tigers, wolves and monkeys.

The regional authorities also be forwarded to law enforcement agencies in the host material zoo to bring them to justice.

RIA Novosti has not yet commented owners zoo.

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