Most Vile place on earth, and time travel.

On the ground, there are places where occasional 'mysterious disappearances. They often appear after a long time, virtually unchanged in appearance and tell amazing stories …
This article will not be considered "king" disasters on our planet Bermuda Triangle. information about it you can read here and here

This occurred in May 1753 in Tacoma (Sicily). Well-known and widely respected craftsman Alberto Gordon, passing the fortress yard, suddenly disappeared in front of the castle owner, his wife and numerous witnesses. People rushed to search for the missing Gordon, explored every possible hiding place, but all efforts were in vain. It has been for 22 years and one day … Alberto Gordonii unhurt appeared in the same place. Striking was the fact that he almost did not become old. Gordonii said he had suddenly found himself in a strange tunnel that leads to the "white obscure the light." At the end of the tunnel was a "canvas" with the twinkling stars, and next to it — higher being, which reported Alberto as the movement in time. It was about the "rift in time and space," in which the craftsman has failed. Gordonii has been said that it is returned back, but it is not an easy task. Then, according to Alberto, darkness fell. At the same time he felt that was not enough time. After this story, as you might guess, Gordon entered the house for the insane, where he had to spend seven years. But one day the priest looking after him and asked to show the place of the above events. Apparently the story seemed to him not so ridiculous. Gordonii repeated his story, and when he became to a mysterious place — again disappeared, never to emerge. Shocked by the priest immediately gave the order to protect the wall "trap the devil."

A "trap", according to locals, is island in northern Kenya with a distinctive name "Refundable". No one wants to settle on it, because they think a cursed place. The mysterious disappearance of people on this island and gave birth to its name. In 1935, Lake Rudolf British expedition arrived Vivant Fusch. Two members of the group sailed to the island forever. It was Martin Shefles and Bill Dyson. Two days later, they said it was OK, and then communicate with them was lost. On the fifteenth day of the island went to the search party, but found no one there. To search for a serious consideration, Aborigines were involved, but searched the whole island, they are also no trace of the missing were found. People mysteriously disappeared. Whether it was moving in time, as in the previous case, or something else — remained unknown.

Such places exist even where you least expect can. For example, in Connecticut near Hartvord there alley, enjoying a very gloomy reputation. By itself, it's like a tunnel, its length is about 50 meters. This avenue is periodically mysterious disappearance of people: they get into it, but from the other end of it no one is coming out …

Sometimes there are not single species, but entire families. In the north-western part of the Aral Sea is Island Barsakelmes. Translated, it means "Will you — do not come back." Local legends say that in the past centuries have got there people were coming back through the decades. Argue that in some cases, even entire families disappeared. Even in the times of the Soviet Union, there is an expedition [TM 1991. Number 3, 1993. Number 4]. Once a part of your connection, resulting in the organized search. A day in earnest alarmed scientists have found their mates who noted with surprise that there was no matter of hours. In this case, the missing were talking about the white fog into which they fell. Clock did show another time … For some reason, some of these publications have been declared TM raffle science fiction writer, but a "hoax" can put bold cross on the reputation of any person. Therefore, either he did not value this reputation, or its very "asked" to submit it as a joke. Therefore, the question of moving in time to the Barsakelmes today remains open. However, the local authority to local legends and the "practical jokes" are taken very seriously, the expedition arrived at the Aral Sea in 2000. due to security concerns and were not allowed to explore in the proper amount of this mysterious island.

Mysterious Island Palmyra

On Earth, many mysterious places. Although best known among the anomalous zones of the Earth is considered to be the Bermuda Triangle, a small Pacific island of Palmyra, can make it a serious competitor. Mysterious Island is located about 1,000 miles from Hawaii. On the part of the island looks like a paradise: lush vegetation, lagoons and reefs. However, in an atmosphere of Palmyra there is a sense trouble …

Why is this mysterious island called? In the history of Palmyra was a whole chain of tragic events. In 1798, the American ship "Betsy" is sent from America to Asia, flown on reefs off the island. Most of the people who tried to swim to get to the island, drowned or were eaten by sharks. The survivors told us that he would never agree to return to this cursed land. In the two months that they were there, out of ten people survived only three. Survivors claimed that all the others destroyed the island. The island was mapped and was called Palmyra in honor of the ship that crashed near its shores.

In 1816, a Spanish caravel "Esperanto" caught in a heavy storm, suddenly played out. The ship hit a reef and was slowly sinking, and the storm immediately verse. The crew was rescued by a passing vessel Brazilian. Captain "Esperanto" carefully raised his coordinates of all reefs in the map, but a year later sailing in the same place, he did not find them …

In 1870, off the coast of the same mysterious island lost Palmyra American ship "Angel." The corpses of the team members were then found to Palmyra. According to reports, they all died a violent death, but who killed them is unknown. Sailors and until now argue that this island — damn place.

With the approval of sailors agree scientist Mershan Marin. He is convinced that there Palmyra live action, but an evil creature, although the island attracts like a magnet. According to the scientist, the island of Palmyra has many oddities and mysteries. Weather there changes almost instantly. Nature is beautiful, but in the beautiful lagoons of a huge number of sharks and the fish are inedible because of toxic substances released by algae. There's a lot of insects, including mosquitoes are huge and poisonous lizards, crabs and other animals.

In 1940, the island was taken over by the United States. During the Second World War, the U.S. government used it to launch attacks on Japan. One of the soldiers of the garrison, located on the island, Joe Browne, said that when he arrived there, we counted ourselves lucky because the place looked like a paradise. But soon, his opinion changed dramatically. "The island was all scared," — says Brow. — "Some people were afraid to approach the water, because it seemed to them that they will certainly swallow sharks. Others have argued that if they are right now does not leave the island, that something terrible would happen. Among the soldiers of the garrison were several mysterious suicides. On top of that island awakened in people incomprehensible hatred. The soldiers fought, there was fighting and even murder. " After the war, the mysterious island was not inhabited again, but continued to beckon to his sailors.

In 1974, Hughes and his wife went to Palmyra on his yacht. First, Hughes kept in touch with dispatchers by radium, but suddenly the line went dead. The authorities decided to send a boat to search for the missing yacht. Soon it was discovered off the island of Palmyra. But people it was not. A few days later dismembered bodies were found travelers in the sand near the water. They were placed in a special way. The motives of this wild crime and its perpetrators remain unknown.

In early 1990, a mysterious island was visited by Norman Sanders and his team. "I do not believe rumors about what is happening on the island" — he recalled later. "But I had to make on their own experience that the Palmyra — one of the most mysterious places on earth. We came to the island at night. Although I was not on the deck, but immediately felt that we close. A strange melancholy and loneliness engulfed me "- told Sanders -" The day was gorgeous: blue ocean, blue skies and warm sun. However, according to some members of the team, the mood was such that I wanted to be thrown overboard. " People stayed on the island for about a month, although at first hoped to spend a lot more time there. According to Sanders, during his stay on the island people from the friends turned into bitter enemies. Devices on the mysterious island were often denied, or not at all. After returning from a voyage, all members of the crew found that they lag behind the times. In reality, they returned on April 24, although their calculations, the number was 25. The clock in the expedition were completely normal and did not stop. What happened to the whole day, so it remained a mystery.

Dell Black Bamboo — Chinese Death Valley

Dell Black bamboo (Heychzhu) located in south-west China has an extremely grim reputation. Her second name — the Valley of Death, it is no coincidence that with the number of unexplained dark events occurring in this place. The name Death Valley has received because of the disappearance of people and wandered in her pets. Dell Black Bamboo is located on the eastern slope of Mount meen two hundred kilometers from the city of Chengdu. In the surrounding villages inhabited by people of the small nation of yin. They all have a superstitious dread of the forest abyss. Log in to the valley of the Black bamboo is not easy, but not impossible at times to leave. Take in some of the conductors can be either local residents at gunpoint, or for a lot of money. Conductors stopped in his tracks before the pass Shi-less (Stone Gate), opening the way to a mysterious place.

In March 1966, at the entrance to the forest lost six military cartographers. Some time later, a local hunter found one of the missing, barely alive his hard resulted in a sense. When he regained consciousness, the soldiers could not explained to what happened to him and his comrades.

In 1976 he went to Death Valley group of foresters, as it turned out, to his death. Two of them have disappeared without a trace. Those who managed to get out of the woods, told about suddenly lowered the fog. Covering them with a thick veil accompanied by unusual sounds to the human ear. Judging by the arrows on the clock, the fog kept for about 20 minutes. Feels the same every one of the people he was cleared in a few seconds. When the bill passed for the missing hundred, any expedition to the Valley of death was equated to travel to another world. The road is one way. The most amazing thing that remains of the lost people and animals not found. Death Valley swallowed them forever. It is this fact more than just a confused scientists who sought to find clues to the Dell Black bamboo. Science has consistently demonstrated its impotence, and in all manner of people born assumptions about what happened to the disappeared in Death Valley. Here are some of the common versions. In Sichuan province, home to the largest population on the planet white bamboo bear, panda. Some came to the conclusion that the cause of these accidents — panda-eating giant size. Others believe that a mysterious fog hides extraterrestrial aliens whose purpose is to kidnapping (for some reason the Chinese). A lot of mystical theories about the mysteries of the Black Hollow Bamboo forced a group of serious scientists of the Academy of Sciences of China to organize a trip to Death Valley to find out the truth after all. In a mysterious place one after the other were sent well-trained and equipped expedition, consisting of various experts.

What has been installed? The head of the most representative of the expedition, Jan Vyun, said the following in an interview. According to him, during the month of October the researchers carefully examined the whole valley of the Black Bamboo and found no presence in her supernatural powers. However, were able to identify a highly complex and diverse geological structure of rocks, as well as fix release of deadly toxic fumes. Marked by a particularly complex environment with suddenly and dramatically changing weather conditions, and the victims of deadly tricks of nature, according to the scientist, may be hidden beneath the earth's surface from time to time suddenly opened, failures. The scientist believes that the combination of so many adverse environmental factors and to determine the nature of the mysterious Death Valley. This version is certainly worth considering, but still does not explain the sudden appearance of fog, mysterious disorientation experienced people, etc. Supernatural is difficult to measure the yardstick of everyday experience — perhaps the future will give a clear answer.



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