New enterprises in Russia has become more

At the beginning of summer in Russia was opened 32 new production.

The volume of investments in new businesses totaled 65.95 billion rubles. This is the highest figure for the past three years (16.1 billion — in 2012 and 65.64 billion in 2011) by more than 3.6 million new jobs. It is also the highest rate (RM 2627 — in 2012).  

However, it should be noted that the number of enterprises in June significantly less input in the corresponding periods of previous years — 32. This means that were built in the major production, and touched the small decline in construction of factories. In many cases, new ventures financed by large Western corporations that can afford to invest in the construction. By industry list looks quite symptomatic — dominated processing of agricultural products, construction industry and mining.

Among the high-tech industries, introduced in June:

  • Scientific and technical center "Angle-engineering" in the SEZ of St. Petersburg,
  • Laboratory and production facility of Genetics and Center for Regenerative Medicine in Moscow

  • Name Location
    Line of activity
    The volume of investments mln.
    Khabarovsk plant construction ceramics Khabarovsk bricks, blocks teplostennye  
    Plant semi-finished myasaptitsy "Cargill" Efremov, Tula region. capacity — 18 thousand tons per year 1292,9
    The third stage of the glass factory "Actis" Novocherkassk total capacity — 1 billion 100 Milne pieces of glass per year 2200
    Asphalt plant "RegionDorStroy" Korenovsk, Krasnodar region asphalt production capacity — 120 tons of asphalt mix per hour  
    Line clinker LSR Leningrad region. Release of clinker capacity — up to 25 million bricks per year  
    Dairy Plant OJSC "Yadrinmoloko" Yadrin, Republic of Chuvashia power = 450 tons per day 1000
    Plant materials company "Fonika" § Syukeyevo, Kama-Ust'insky district she RT production of building materials based on gypsum full cycle 5000
    Pressing set at "Segal" Krasnoyarsk capacity — 2750 tons of aluminum per month 250
    Installation on the normalization of oil extracts at "Orgkhim" Uren, Nizhny Novgorod region. design capacity — 50,000 tons of finished product per year 672
    Laboratory and production facility of Genetics and Center for Regenerative Medicine Moscow Research and development of innovative drugs 323.2
    Asphalt plant Salekhard    
    Technological line at the bakery Vladivostok, JSC "Vladkhleb" power — up to 10 thousand units of bakery products per day 37.5
    Assembly and mounting body of JSC "Cheboksary enterprise" Sespel " Cheboksary Issue of tank containers  
    Feed Plant s. Chastoozere Kurgan region. power — up to 7 tons of pelleted feed per hour  
    The factory for the manufacture of metal cable support systems Tver cabling in industrial and commercial premises  
    Plant baby pitaniyakompanii "Gardens Pridonya" Gorodischenskiy District, Volgograd region. Power — 30,000 jars of baby food every day 2000
    Rubber Mixing Workshop Kirov design capacity — from 60 to 120 tons of rubber per day 935
    Production of flexible polyurethane foam group of companies "Aegis" Kirov district of Kazan production of polyurethane foam (foam rubber) capacity — 16 thousand tons per year 1150
    Meat Processing Complex "Ulan-Ude meat" Ulan-Ude production of canning and sausage products polufabrikatovmoschnost — up to three million cans a month 1642
    The production site of the American company "John Deere" g Orienburg production of agricultural equipment — 15 models of tillage, seeding and spraying equipment 3000
    Scientific and technical center "Angle-Engineering" SEZ in St. Petersburg production of new industrial automation systems 400
    Technological line of softwood pulp enterprise group "Ilim" Bratsk capacity — 720 thousand tons of pulp 29000
    Shop for the production of liquid starch factory "Ibredkrahmalpatoka" Ryazzanskaya region.   2600
    Sawmill complex Lesosibirsky LDK1 Lesosibirsk capacity — up to 1.5 million cubic meters per year of raw material  
    Plant equipment reabitalitsionnogog "Hope" § Pargolovo, Leningrad region. Facilities for Disabled  
    Plant «" KETRA "" Trakovskaya ceramics " s. Krasnoarmeyskoye, Republic of Chuvashia power — 60 million pieces of bricks a year 1018
    Plant for the production of OSB-plates Petrozavodsk power — 250-350 thousand cubic meters of slabs per year 8000
    Emulsion explosives plant in SP "Orenburg Minerals" was clear, Orienbuzhskaya region. production of emulsion explosives  
    Plant for the production and processing of non-metallic building materials Karabulak, Ingushetia consists of a concrete-mixing unit capacity of 20 cubic meters per hour, crushing and screening plant capacity of 90 cubic meters per hour 149
    Mining of glass sands s. Urusovo, Chaplyginsky District, Lipetsk region. power — 300-400 thousand tons per year 1000
    The company producing aluminum cans LLC "Can-Pack Packing Plant" Novocherkassk power — one billion units per year of aluminum packaging 3878.8
    The factory rubber products for motor vehicles Volzhsk manufacture of brake hoses, anti-vibration units and cooling systems company car "Teklas" (Turkey) 400


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