Pipeline through Ukok problem should be solved in the dialogue — speaker

Resonance problem of building a gas pipeline to China through the Altai plateau Ukok, included in the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site, should be solved through dialogue, paying attention to issues such as nature conservation and economic development of the Altai Mountains, the speaker of the State Assembly of the Altai Republic Ivan Belek.

"In today's world, issues of preservation of unique archaeological sites in the Altai and economic development can not be considered separately. In this case, the focus should be on co-development co-operation" nature — people — economy "," — said the speaker.

According to Belekova, unilateral "prohibitive" approach may not be effective and "do not work. Necessary to search for humanitarian and legal aspects of the future development of the noosphere is only possible with this approach, he said.

"The possibilities of modern society can solve the economic problems in parallel and do Musefication archaeological sites. Just here (on the construction of a gas pipeline across the Ukok — ed.) For the first plan should leave the dialogue of stakeholders," — he said.

Pipeline "Altai" will connect gas fields in western Siberia to China, it would stretch from Urengoy to Shanghai. The project cost is estimated at $ 14 billion. Russia and China signed the basic conditions for the supply of gas in September 2010. It is assumed that part of the pipeline will pass through the plateau in the Altai Ukok.

Ukok plateau — a plateau in the Kosh-Agach district of Altai, in 1998 it was included in the World Natural Heritage "Golden Mountains of Altai". In 2005, in response to Russia's international obligations for the protection of the natural heritage in the plateau was created by the natural park "Ukok Quiet Zone." There are many archaeological sites, burial mounds, one of which in 1993 was found the mummy of "Altai Princess", the age of discovery is estimated at 2.5 thousand years. Indigenous Altai it as their ancestor, and the plateau Ukok for them — a sacred place, which, in their opinion, would be permanently desecrated, if there will begin construction of the pipeline.

As previously stated the head of the Altai Republic Alexander Berdnikov pipeline "Altai" plateau Ukok not cause harm to nature, and the pipeline is needed in the republic. He explained that the Ukok Plateau consists of three zones — "A", "B" and "B". Of these, only the latter was allowed to carry on business. However, the new ruling government of the Republic of Altai (on August 2) states that the construction works are now allowed throughout the park.

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