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Continuing the theme of robots can not miss such is clearly not the ideal part of their body as the head. Until recently, if the mechanics of the body inventors coped well in terms of similarity to human, with the facial expressions and the ability to communicate the situation was not so happy. But everything is changing rapidly. Now they are able to show their emotions, maintain a conversation, answer questions and even learn.

Interesting information:
The effect of "sinister valley" (English uncanny valley) — the hypothesis that the robot or other object, looking or acting like a man (but not exactly like the real), causes aversion and disgust at the human observers.
In 1978, a Japanese scientist Masahiro Mori conducted a survey exploring the emotional reaction of people on the appearance of the robots. At first, the results were predictable: the more a robot looks like a human, the prettier it seems — but only up to a certain limit. Most humanoid robots are surprisingly unpleasant people over minor inconsistencies of reality, causing discomfort and fear. The sudden downturn in the chart "sympathy" and has been called "the valley of the Sinister", though Masahiro Mori found that the animation enhances both positive and negative perceptions.

And now for the robots themselves. What emotions do you feel looking at them? :-S

Incredibly realistic robot that is able to perfectly express your emotions, keep the conversation, answering questions and improve yourself!

Developers have reached and Einstein

Bina48 Robotself-learning robot, capable of dialogue

The conversation between the three scientists and their robotic counterparts!

Diego-san — New robot-child who has closest to reality facial expressions. It was created by specialists of the University of California in collaboration with Kokoro Co. and Hanson Robotics.
The growth of his 130 cm Weight — 30 kg. The body is equipped with a pneumatic actuator 44. The head unit 27 has movable parts.


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