Six people were killed in snowfall in the U.S.

Six people were killed in snowfall in the U.S.At least six people were killed in the aftermath of snow that has fallen in the past days on the East Coast of the U.S., told the police of New York, Delaware and Maryland.
Three of the dead were victims of snowplows. In New York, a woman got killed by a car with a hinged blade for snow removal, another woman was killed in the same manner in the State of Delaware, and Maryland snow removing vehicle ran over the fencing coach at Johns Hopkins University. In all three cases, the car drivers said they had not seen the pedestrians due to heavy snowfall. Police are investigating all three counts.
Another man was killed by a falling tree on the car under the weight of snow in the Washington area. Two other people who were in the cab, were hospitalized.
Could not get out of a burning taxi, stuck in the snow on the streets of Baltimore, the driver. Arrived on the firefighters could not save him.
In New York, another driver was killed in a car accident, his car crashed into the other two riders were taken to hospital with injuries.
Almost ended tragically attempted New Yorker dig my car out from under a thick layer of snow, blizzard nametennogo and distribute later snowplows. The woman began to clear the snow, left two daughters, 5 and 7 years old in the car with the engine running. Girls nearly suffocated by exhaust gases, which have been actively come to the salon, because the exhaust pipe is in the huge snow bank and was filled with snow. Dug the car, my mother found the child unconscious and called an ambulance. The girls were taken to hospital, the oldest — in critical condition.
Last Wednesday and Thursday on the U.S. East Coast snow proved to be one of the most powerful for this winter. In New York, 12 hours 50 centimeters of snow fell in Philadelphia — 43 inches in Boston — 30 centimeters. Were closed schools and government offices, closed airports, canceled more than 2.5 thousand flights, did not work the UN headquarters in New York. Around 650 thousand private homes and institutions along the coast from Maine to Virginia without electricity.
Similar in strength snowfall accompanied by strong winds with gusts to 100 kilometers per hour, paralyzed New York and other cities in the East, USA December 26, triggering the collapse of the airport, where tens of thousands of people spent a few days in anticipation of departure. Then in New York fell to 60 inches of precipitation.
In the coming days meteorologists predict renewed snowfall, but with less intensity.

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