The new hospital building opened in Megion (Khanty)

In megion long-awaited and important event for the life of the city — infectious body of the city hospital, with 40 beds, was put into operation.


Members of this landmark event, which included employees of medical institutions and urban associations, congratulated the head of Megion Michael Higuita. He stressed the importance of this facility for the city and its citizens, noting that the department is staffed to meet modern requirements and allows on-site to solve many issues related to the conduct of complex laboratory tests.

— Construction of infectious case was under the constant supervision of district authorities, including the governor and the chairman of the Duma of the autonomous region. The object was included in the draft of the political party "United Russia" — "Quality of Life. Health ". At the final stage, the funding for the work was carried out within the framework of the regional program "Modern Healthcare Ugra for 2011-2013 and for the period up to 2015." The former body in adapted premises no longer meet any standards. I am confident that with the beginning of the separation quality of treatment of infectious diseases is much better, — said Mikhail.


Recall that the department is staffed with the latest equipment worth more than 25 million rubles. In addition, the new building housed a bacteriological and immunological laboratories, all the boxes are insulated. The total cost of the cost of doing construction work amounted to 245 653, 748 rubles. The building of housing began in 2005.

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