The new temperature record. In Vasilevichy — 39.2

Heat waves this summer in Belarus has caused economic losses in a number of industries in the country. Experts now count the losses and plan to regulate labor in accordance with the climatic changes. Meanwhile, forecasters Belarusian hydrometeorological report that Belarus is approaching a new wave of heat from Russia.

Belarus has broken all-time record maximum temperature: in Vasilevichi Rechitskoye district recorded 39.2 degrees Celsius. Previous highest figure was recorded here in 1946 and was 38 degrees. Of thunderstorms and squally winds and hail that accompany heat, killed one person. Abnormal temperature this summer has damaged a number of sectors of the economy, especially agriculture and energy, said the head of the department of climate Belgidrametu Elena Komarovskaya:

"The trend of temperature increase — it has a positive effect on the growth of crops, corn, sunflower. But in the worst situation were cabbage, potatoes and flax. There are other negative trends in agriculture as a result of this warming — increasing the number of aridity. Warming strongly influenced the fuel and energy complex less heat is used for heating, but more energy — for kandytsyyanavannya. "

Suffers from the intense heat and transport, forestry, utilities country. The size of these losses have a plan to count, however, to reduce the negative impact of climate change on the economy, a plan of correction work in a number of industries. Meanwhile, expert advice and Belgidrametu MES interested institutions do not always enjoy, says the director of the Department of gidrametearalegii Maria Germenchuk:

On the wires falling trees that grew in the band allocated for transmission lines — where they should not be.

"It is necessary to state governing bodies have taken steps to reduce the effects of extreme temperature or thunderstorms. Unfortunately, not all effectively use our predictions. For example, recent reports that during a lightning storm without electricity there remain a number of settlements. This is due to the fact that the wires are falling trees that grew in the band allocated for transmission lines — where they should not be. This is wrong, but because we have to work on the prevention of emergency, which we all the time talking. "

Meanwhile Belarusian gidramettsentru forecasters reported that on August 12 in Belarus returns the hot weather. Hot air will flow from the territory of Russia, said the chief of forecasts Dmitry Ryabov:

"Tomorrow the temperature will be 27-30 degrees. In the following days the temperature will reach 29-37 degrees. The highest rates are reported in the weekend, when the day the thermometer rises to 39 degrees Celsius. The same weather will continue into early next week.

In Minsk, 12 August 28-30 degree heat expected over the weekend — 32-34 degrees. Intense heat will be accompanied by thunderstorms and squally winds, hail also not excluded. "

Forecasters predict a weakening of the heat towards the end of next week. From August 18-19, daytime temperatures will be reduced to 23-29 degrees. In late August the maximum temperature will be 18 — 25 degrees, but in particularly hot days of August it is possible it will rise to 30 degrees Celsius. According to preliminary data, the traditional climatic norms for Belarus will meet September.


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