Their outlook

Our homeland in the eyes of young people

I am 16 years old and I wish to express my point of view on the development of our country. After all, has long been clear that our country can develop a more spirited pace. Here in this article I wish to disclose methods of development.

1) First, laws must be respected by all, young and old. Everyone should know and understand that the law is above power. Government itself must obey the law, but in our power to make the laws of the country for all, not including herself. 2)

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Ray Bredbery — 90

Hero of the day will give the Company a birthday cake and a glass of lemonade. In the Public Library will be reading his books, reports "Interfax".

Residents and visitors to the city will make a tour of the places where Bradbury's childhood and his development as a writer. In particular, they will drive past the house where he was born, as well as visit an old Carnegie Library, where he discovered the world of books.

On Monday, the City Council adopted a resolution in which it called Bradbury "one of the most famous writers of all American

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Overview kindergartens, were not included in the news this week


1) p.Aksarka (Yamal)

October 7, at Aksarka after the redevelopment of the building the orphanage opened its doors to kindergarten "Rainbow". 80 kids got a certificate for the preschool. In addition to the new settlers were present at the celebration of their parents, who were looking forward to the additional areas, opening up new prospects in the organization of pre-school educational process. Kids meet fairy-tale characters cat Basilio and Alice Fox, as well as teachers and mentors. For all of those present were given a tour by a group of kindergarten rooms, and finally

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Alignment of Chinese Professionals (Huantsyu Shibao, China)

Immediately to the way America brazenly flaunting its military forces on the Korean peninsula, sending soldiers and officers in the western part of the Pacific, She also took a tactical reconfiguration of troops in the area of "strategic islands", which include Hawaii, Guam and Okinawa islands and began to build its aircraft carrier strike groups (CSGs), these "floating staging areas away from home" in a frightening new battle formations. This brand new deployment of U.S. combat troops already in the past to change the present balance of military forces in the western Pacific Ocean, which severely damaged the military situation

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Why the Supreme Court exonerated Larissa Heniyush


Larissa Heniyush. Snapshot Vyacheslav Batons

Applications for rehabilitation and Vania Larissa Heniyush wrote three times — in 1956, 1966 and 1968. And three times, received a disappointing response. The Soviet legal system as a blind fence kept regulations and codes, developed back in the days of Stalin. Let them "enemies of the people" and stop shooting, but they be available — just in case.

The question of the annulment of the Board on Criminal Supreme Court of the Byelorussian SSR from February 7, 1949 in respect of Larissa Heniyush raised repeatedly in independent Belarus. For example, in

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Overview kindergartens, were not included in the news this week


 1)p.Perebory (Yaroslavl region).

In the village of brute force, it Rybinsk district, has opened a new children's garden. In fact, the building of the local school. Education officers claim such a union will only benefit the kids. Built at the beginning of 50th-31 th school remade completely, leaving only the outer walls and the foundation. For half a year there is a new reconstruction of the kindergarten with appropriate interior and all the necessary comfort for baby. With the introduction to the work of a kindergarten in the village Perebory 100% solved the problem of

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Sturm will be expensive watch online

The first conqueror of the Caucasus Gen. Ermoloff said: "The Caucasus — is a tremendous fortress defended by a garrison half a million. Sturm will cost not cheap. "He was right … Creator script, director and presenter of the picture Boris Sobolev sure that this issue is currently of interest to all: — The War of 1812 in the history books will tell the very carefully, but about Chechen war, which lasted almost 50 years, paid almost a couple of paragraphs. Meanwhile, in the final conquest of Chechnya took part 270 thousand people. This is twice more, than beat

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Dead sperm whale found in the UK

12-meter long sperm whale was dropped dead on the beach in East Anglia, is believed to be due to the large wound in his stomach.

Sand around the tail was not deformed, so it is assumed that the animal was already dead before the tide brought the corpse to the sands at Old Hunstanton, Norfolk.

Numerous onlookers came to see the whale, which was lying near the mark of tide.

The representative of the charity organization DIVING BDMLR (British Divers Marine Life Rescue) said that perhaps it was the same whale that was seen off at the landfill Royal Air

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Britain intends to withdraw from the EU

David Cameron, the British prime minister, told the press about the intention to bring the issue of membership in the EU to a referendum in conjunction with the parliamentary elections in the autumn of 2017. On his side is an open challenge to Brussels. Minister insists on reviewing a number of conditions, otherwise the UK membership of the EU will be discontinued permanently. In a statement, David Cameron highlighted the fact that London is interested in getting back some of the powers and greater autonomy within the EU and thus opposed himself to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Francois Oladnu,

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Alignment zampoteha

Lieutenant General Alexander Y. Golovkin was born August 31, 1934 at the station iLet Zvenigovsky district Mari ASSR in the family of the railway. In 1952, after graduating from high school he entered the Faculty of Engineering and Tank Armor Academy named after IV Stalin. After graduation, he was appointed deputy commander of the 1st Tank Company for the technical part of the 242 th Tank polk41 th Guards Tank Division of the Carpathian military neighborhood. In 1960-1961,. served as deputy commander of the missile battalion on the technical part of the army missile brigade. From 1962 to 1968 he

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