Updating the bus depot in Izhevsk

In the Leninsky district of Izhevsk will have new coaches. Total purchased 25 buses MAZ-103 — they will replace the outdated LiAZ 677.

Feature of the new bus is convenient for passengers landing — they are low floor. The safety and comfort of passengers provide reliable engine Mercedes-Benz, and the automatic gearbox Voith facilitate labor drivers.

The article on the city website has pleased its name 25 new buses came to Izhevsk to replace the "animal transport."


  By the way, repair service IPOPAT fully ready to service these buses: the same

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Obninsk CFRP: Scientists have shown how a carbon fiber tailor the details of spacecraft

Experts of the Obninsk Company "Technology" (Kaluga region). Showed how carbon fiber and other advanced materials to produce innovative parts of spacecraft.


Previously on this topic:

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Mobile coastal defense missile complex Club-M

Mobile missile complex "Size M" (export designation Club-M) is designed to organize antiship defense and military strength give objects coastal zone, as the defeat of a wide range of stationary (fixed) ground targets at any time of the day under normal and adverse weather conditions. Developed by JSC "OKB" Innovator "(Ekaterinburg).

The complex "Size M" are: self-propelled launcher (SPU) transport and loading vehicle (TLV) cruise missiles 3M-54E, 3M-54E1 and 3M14E in transport-launch containers (TLC) machine logistics, machine communication and control providing equipment and storage of missiles.

STC and TRV complex can be located on the chassis of the

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The building of the New Life looking for food

Society The morning of August 24 near the building of the church "New Life" appeared pravdstavniki various departments.

Dozens of believers gathered at the building, demanded that the men in uniform explanation. It turned out that they were representatives of the Ministry of Emergency regulations, tax inspection, sanitary and epidemiological stations and the police.

All these bodies allegedly received information that in the church building trade in foodstuffs. Believers called it absurd and none of the representatives of these agencies in the temple was not allowed.

The faithful of the church believe that the representatives of the authorities ordered

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Mobile kondyuk and giving: the pros device

Year period of a couple of years in a row is associated in Russia with the heat wave. The sharp increase in temperature of strongest makes discomfort and may even be a prerequisite exacerbation of various diseases. In hot periods usually increases mortality, doctors and ambulances do not have to sit idle.

Many people go at this time to the country, but even nature helps out bad. At the most fresh air to transfer heat more easily and at a distance from the cities cooler, but these days are not enough. Now kondyuk people need and in the country.

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Obninsk soon acquire a technology park


According to the Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation, Kaluga region will receive in 2011-2014 year 516.5 million rubles to build industrial park in Obninsk in the field of high technologies. Residents of the new technology park will be large Russian companies, first of all, Rosatom and the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. This was made possible thanks to the fact that the duration of the program "Building industrial parks in Russia in the field of high technologies" has been extended until 2014. In accordance with this document, more than 6 billion rubles will

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The police returned the petitions activist Tell the Truth

Society Mogilev activists of "Tell the Truth" Igor Kovalenko returned today seized on August 13 blank petitions for nomination of Vladimir Neklyaeva deputy to the Fourth Republican People's Assembly. 1071 subscription list was taken during a police search vehicles activist.

Igor Kovalenko"I got a call from the police station and was told to come and pick up printed materials, which were seized by state inspection. This so-called pustagrafy, blank petitions. I am the Major asked, "What is no sedition in them is not found?." He replied: "There was." Made the report survey. Listed there, which I chaired charity. What she

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Canada: A powerful storm in Calgary

July 3, 2011 with strong wind gusts up to 100 km / h suddenly appeared in the middle of a sunny summer day in the Canadian city of Calgary, damaging power lines, knocking trees and forming a wall of brown dust, reports

The greatest damage was in the eastern part of the city where the collapsed portion of the brick wall theater in Strathmore.

"It was like a huge bomb explosion," said Melissa Crispin, daughter of the owner of the cinema.

"On the roof of the theater formed a 12-meter hole, and masonry fell and shattered

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Iran revealed the new helicopter gunships TOUFAN 2 OWN DEVELOPMENT

During the ceremony, the role of Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi (Ahmad Vahidi) was submitted to the new Iranian gunship Toufan 2 (Storm 2).   Speaking at the ceremony on Wednesday, January 2, Vahidi said that the helicopter belongs to the brand new generation of combat vehicles and has modern technologies, including precision sighting abilities.   He noted that on 2 Toufan applied last Iranian achievements in electronics, optics and laser guidance abilities and weapons.   Iranian Minister described Toufan 2 as a sign of achievement and independence criteria in aggressive sanctions.   Vahidi said that the helicopter

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Mobile battle laser HEL MD — Phase II will begin in 2013

Now the world is developing rapidly develop and test different laser systems. Already been carried out tests Laser weapons on the ground / water / air / space. Tests demonstrate the effectiveness of the new development, and only available technology "restrict" scientists in the early development of lasers.

On this day, there is a fairly effective means of protection against missile weapons, ammunition, artillery, and mortars. While fighting the implementation of these solutions is in seconds, and it is only enough for the opportunity to escape. The beam of the laser gun is moving at a speed of 186,000

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