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Now presentations certain kind of product it is difficult to imagine being without service models. Whether it be advertising the latest brands of cars, real estate presentation center or restaurant, the model can assist to attract the attention of potential customers. Now all of those who choose to present that or other company or product that the company can use the services offered a modeling agency This agency is willing to provide as models for making your marketing objectives both boys and ladies.

If the scheduled presentation of the newest prestigious collection in 2013, the introduction model you

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Renewal of agricultural Kostroma region

Agricultural Organization of the Kostroma region have purchased 191 units of agricultural machinery and equipment.

Including: dryers, compressors, watering equipment, chain conveyors, milk coolers and milk lines, mixers.

And also: — 43 tractor — 9 and 4 combine harvesters — two SER-250 "Poles'e" In total, the purchase of equipment funds spent 174 million rubles (91% more than in 2010). In 2012, the agricultural organizations in the region are planning to buy 300 units of machinery and equipment totaling more than $ 289 million.

We all can arbitrarily fired from their jobs and imprison …

Society Our listener of Maladzechna asks, "Who will pay for the overseas oil supplies to Belarus?" and expresses his indignation.

"If the economists Venezuelan oil costs about $ 600 per ton, given the long and complicated delivery, intermediaries and stuck as its own, and the Estonian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Russian oil would cost the $ 400. Lukashenka diversification — a diversion against their people, and not paying the clan Lukashenko, and all of us through the rise in prices for everything — from bread to gasoline. And in his calculation, he would never admit it. This stubbornness. "

Economist Boris

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Renewal of a g technology in the Altai region

For half a year, agricultural producers municipality purchased 19 units of agricultural machinery, including — tractors of various modifications, as well as six powerful high-performance combine harvesters. Already, they are involved in harvesting operations.

Economy of the region in the past year have given serious consideration to a combine fleet renewal — in 2011 they probrel 15 units of machines. Total investment in the modernization of the branch for 6 months in 2012 in the virgin area was 52 million rubles.

We emphasize modern efficient equipment allows farmers to conduct field work in the complex optimal

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The model of the tank on a platform of Armata?

As you know, during the visit of Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin to Perm July 20, 2012, thanks to a local TV journalists reportage "Rifei-Perm" "lit up" the exposure of promising models of armor and artillery weapons, D. Rogozin demonstrated in the workshop of "Motovilikhinskiye factory. "

Among the exhibits, which are possible to see in the television report, there were 120-mm self-propelled mortar on a platform of "Boomerang" 57-mm combat unit on a platform of "Boomerang", 57-mm battle module on the platform of "Kurganets-25", 125-mm self-propelled guns on a platform of "Kurganets-25", 152-mm self-propelled guns on car platform,

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Upgrading / agricultural machinery in the Altai region

About 77 million rubles for the purchase of new agricultural equipment since the beginning of the year sent Pospelihinskogo farmers in the Altai Region

These funds bought seven tractors, agricultural producers, the three combine harvesters, as well as fodder harvesting and planting techniques. 39% of the total amount has been invested in the replacement of equipment and technology for the animal.

According to the General Directorate of Agriculture, farmers Pospelihinskogo area are targeted efforts to update the fleet of agricultural equipment. So, in 2011, for the purchase of new machinery and equipment, they have spent more than 208 million

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The court postponed the trial of Roman Kislyak

Society Leninsky district court of Brest postponed consideration of the administrative case against human rights defender Raman Kislyak.

According to Roman Kislyak Today the judge saw flaws in the protocol, the trial postponed. We should expect a few scenarios, human rights activist said: "Now the flaws in the protocol be either corrected the police, then I will wait for a new trial, or on this will come to an end, and then just stop. It is difficult to say how events will unfold. "

Human rights activist accused of illegally distributing printed materials. The protocol was drawn up on 16

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Renewal of robots made in TVET

The shop manufacturing bodies LADA Priora continues gradual replacement of robotic manipulators, of which there are more than a hundred.

Replace the old equipment is installed, manufacturing in the production process equipment and tooling. Due to the precise positioning of robots OL capacity of 125, 150, 200, 350 kg. with the control system of the company «Kuka» provide high quality welds, are reliable and highly productive. And their technical ability to rapidly make adjustments for changes in performance in accordance with the program of workshops for the production of products. Modernization of this being the end of last

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Indigo Children Monster generated mangled ego


Over the decades, we hear imposed upon us New Age-term indigo.Yakoby children are a special category of people who come (or produced) on Earth, and people carrying a new pattern of human rights, a new world and a new myshleniya.Deti possessing super-consciousness and different, for we still have paranormal sposobnostyami.Mnogie scientists, educators and simply caring people who are interested in the study of this phenomenon, have devoted themselves to the study of these detey.V different cities around the world have been opened schools or training centers for the study of this phenomenon.


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Bangladesh: Thousands lost their homes because of a new flood

Heavy rains in the south-eastern part of Bangladesh forced over 20,000 people to flee their homes in Cox's Bazar and Teknaf. New homeless joined the 400,000 people who have already lost their homes due to flooding.

Although the area of Cox's Bazar coastal areas and Teknaf prone to natural disasters, the severity of the floods, including the level of flooding is unprecedented and many surprises. According to local residents, there has never before been so destructive to the cyclone. 84,000 houses were partially damaged.

According to the organization DRRO, farmers and pastoralists have also received serious damage. Chakari, one

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