Upgraded T-72B

The media once again has information on the modernization of arms in the middle of tank units stationed in Chechnya who use tanks T-72B. Modernization of the equipment — the event itself is pleasant. Newly received armored vehicles have replaced the rarity modification T-72B. Those tanks are changed at the moment, in turn, were replaced by more of an old T-62, which on the other, as a "museum piece", and did not call. Refreshed T-72B equipped sights "Pine-U", which at the present time considered to be best. These sights are in the process of testing have shown interesting results

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Equipment from Germany began work on a new factory LLC RTMT

The enterprise "Rostransmash Trade" (LLC "RTMT" Kurgan) commissioned a vertical turning center VL5i German machine tool company EMAG. Equipment company EMAG was delivered as part of the project to establish a new Barrow production of modern valves for the oil and gas and energy industries. As highlighted in the official press release, Machine Tool Company, a successful experience EMAG with leading European companies armaturostroitelnymi EMAG has allowed the company to offer customers the most modern Russian high-technology and high-precision equipment, which were highly appreciated by those "RTMT." Equipping a new factory equipment company EMAG allows the company "RTMT"

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Or is the real dramatic scenarios Russian media?

Society members: the head of analytical projects BelaPAN Alexander Klaskouski from Minsk and associate professor of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations Kirill Koktysh from Moscow.

Valery Karbalevich

Alexander Klaskouski

Kirill Koktysh

Can the economic blockade of Belarus?

Valery Karbalevich: "Even after the CSTO summit in the Russian media have radical, even apocalyptic scenarios that supposedly will provide Moscow against Lukashenko. For example, one of which involves economic blockade, rising energy prices and other actions. How can you comment on this story? How likely is an economic blockade, especially at a time when both countries are members of

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Equipment for the long-term IL-76MD-90A


Holding "Aviation" and "daughter" of the United Aircraft Corporation ("KLA") — "UAC-Transport Aircraft" (UAC-TA) reached a new level of cooperation. As part of the air show "MAKS 2013" partners signed a long-term contract for supply of aviation equipment for heavy military transport aircraft Il-76MD-90A.

In accordance with a contract until 2020, "Aviation" will deliver KLA-TS 39 sets of onboard equipment and units over $ 5 billion. Integrated suite of avionics for the Il-76MD-90A, which will be delivered Holding include 160 items, including a set of chassis and drive control system of the wing specially

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Upgraded T-64E, brand new life of an old tank

T-64 — one of the main tanks of the Union of Russian, the story begins with the creation of the 60-ies in KB Kharkov, is released from the mid-60's, along with other major tanks — the T-64, T-62 and T-55 . Entered service with the Armed Forces tank units of the USSR in 1969 as the T-64A.

History of the T-64A

The basic idea of a tank appeared in the far 1946, with the start of work on the creation of a constructive new diesel engine, which was soon made in the development design office number 75. Prior to

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The results of the visit Hurskainen opposition fail in September

The meeting was attended by the Company's chairman of the United Civil Party Anatoly Lebedko, Chairman of the BPF Yanukevich, Chairman of "Fair World" Sergei Kalyakin, the leader of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Vitaly Rymashevski and the leader of the movement "For Freedom" Milinkevich. They gave a collective appeal.

In turn, the opposition talked about his vision of the situation in the country. In particular, Alexander Milinkevich said that he — for contacts with Europe, but against that allowed Belarus to Europe with a "back door" and drew attention to the issue of the election. Sergei Kalyakin told the

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Infection. The enemy is within us watch online

Exciting scientific detective Paul Lobkova. It seemed like years of plague epidemic and disease have long been forgotten, but infection again raises its head. Initially, the creators of a new scientific detective "Infection. The enemy is inside us, "put in front of him to tell the puzzle just how evenly, step by step, conquered the people of bacteria as figments of quarantine, vaccination and medication. But life led Paul Lobkova change plans … Pavel Lobkov, the creator of the project: "When the shaft of news on swine flu epidemic has overshadowed all off, I realized — and this epidemic,

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The death toll from floods in Guatemala rose to 35

The floods caused by rains in Guatemala last week killed at least 35 people.

This was reported by representatives of the National Coordination Centre for combating the effects of natural disasters, which have indicated that as a result of the disaster suffered in varying degrees about 500 thousand people.

As ITAR-TASS news agency, of the dangerous parts of the country evacuated 23 thousand Guatemalans, 12.7 thousand people housed in temporary shelters. Still listed as missing 6 people.

Element has damaged more than 4,500 homeowners, 52% of roads in Guatemala are damaged. Travel on some highway completely closed by the authorities

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Experts: Climate change threatens security

Climate change is a "serious and ever growing danger" to the health and safety worldwide.

This is the conclusion reached by the participants concluded in London conference, held at the offices of the British Medical Association.

It was attended by experts from various fields — medical, military, technical and scientific.

The final document warns that humanitarian disasters will hit more on the military budget, and calls on governments in both developed and developing countries, to take all measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

How to warn the British military, fuel prices will continue to rise as new climate-related changes in

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Lukashenko will hold a press conference to elect the Belarusian media

Society President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko on June 17 will give a press conference for central and regional Belarusian media reported the presidential press service. For the first time refused to accredit the correspondent non-state news agency BelaPAN.

In the accreditation aegntstvu BelaPAN denied without explanation. In a special statement about BelaPAN described the agreement as a violation of the law on the press and other media.

Live broadcast of the conference will start at 12.00 on the First Channel of the Belarusian Radio. Belarusian TV channels will show it in 21.00.

First Deputy Head Administration of the President Alexander

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