Alignment of military professionals Pentagons military potential of the Russian Federation

Military experts believe the Pentagon's military potential of Russia"At the end of the war the cool Russian Alliance had a population of almost 290 million people and a gross state product is estimated at about 2.5 trillion dollars. At the time, the U.S. had a population of almost 250 million people and GDP was about 5.2 trillion dollars. So makarom , the population of the United States was less than the population of the USSR and the Soviet economy surpassed only by half. Two decades later, the Russian population was 140 million and GDP of about 1.3 trillion dollars, while the U.S. has a population of more than 300 million people and GDP is 13 trillion dollars. makarom So, now the U.S. has more than twice the population and the economy in Russia exceeds 10.

In other words, Russian Alliance was defeated by the United States, with a much superior performance. Now, owning more than modest resources, Russian Federation throws long challenge to the U.S..

In August 2008, after Georgia went to war coming to join himself to the breakaway regions of the country, our homeland has sent troops and tanks into South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Our homeland assessed the conflict as a method to throw a challenge to the West, particularly the United States. Our homeland was this confrontation, that increment their military efforts, which were interrupted by the collapse of the Russian Union. On the question of whether our homeland to use this conflict to strengthen its own military capabilities, at a press conference August 14, Deputy Chief of the General Staff, Colonel General Anatoly Nogovitsyn said that the country "will make harsh conclusions" of these events.

The confrontation with Georgia is part of the overall RF confrontation with the West. There are a number of problems, for example, the independence of Kosovo and the deployment of U.S. missile defense system in Europe, with the result that our homeland has headed towards a very confrontational policy toward the West, the United States specifically. The point is that our homeland again felt the danger of self-usual competitor and after a certain time hibernating "bear" has awakened.

Reappeared focus on growth outside of the danger and the need for strong armed forces — the base of the modern Russian politics. Our homeland finds role models in their history, that change discredited liberal model of the 90s. Both the king and the commissioners offer the latest model of politics.

The Russian finished the new standards take arms almost 20 years ago. So Makar, the confrontation with Georgia served in order to re-justify the increase in military spending before the Russian armed forces completely fall apart, and will not remember the Pope's Swiss guard — there is something to look at, but it poses no danger.

Russian armored troops equipped a huge amount of various tanks, but a very small part of the arsenal meet modern requirements. The average Russian tanks more than 20 years, and a significant part of the tanks produced for over 40 years and even before. More of the same in the Air Force, the main park which was developed in the '70s and produced in the 80s.

After the end of the war the cool Russian military industry to stay afloat, she worked in the main export. In times of war, the number of cool that the technological level of the South American military ahead of the Russian arsenal for 10 years, and the Chinese for 25 years. Now the Chinese have an arsenal that is more modern Russian. The Chinese seem to have more Su-27 than the Russian Air Force. The last type of Chinese destroyers by their features similar to modern South American warships class Arleigh Burke. Proven in January, the Chinese anti-satellite missile is more advanced technology than what he created, and the Soviet Union have ever experienced. Selling advanced military technology and whole factories, Our homeland is losing its own best customers.

By 2004, India became the owner of a modern tank fleet, which by his own superior quality Russian. At that time, India had 310 modern T-90 tanks, while our home was no more than 150 tanks of this type. By 2008, our home was 321 fighter aircraft such as Su-27 and had no plans to purchase them. China also has 420 Su-27 and had plans to build hundreds of additional aircraft.

Russian arms exports in 2000 grew by the least 3 billion dollars and in 2007 was 6.1 billion dollars. While Russian arms exporter "Rosoboronexport" had a portfolio of about 20 billion dollars, which guaranteed the export of defense companies to work for 5-7 years. But now this conviction come to an end. If in 2006 it was made weapons in the amount of 237 billion rubles (8.8 billion U.S. dollars), last year the figure had fallen to 183 billion rubles (6.7 billion U.S. dollars).

Longer than the erosion Russian defense industry, the harder it will be to stop this decline and bring back the branch. A significant part of the workforce of the military industry for a long time drifting in search of a bit of the best, and those who were left behind — it's an old workers who will soon retire. Becomes more projects arms of old times, who can not meet the international standards. Oil and gas perverted Russian and increased imports of European products of industrial purpose than was dealt a big blow to the factory sector of the Russian economy. Now we can talk about the de-industrialization of Russia.

Machine Tool Park zarzhavevaet Russian economy can not compete with world-class machine tools. The modern machine park could become Animator Russian military industry.

Oil and gas are not able to solve this dilemma. Russian oil revenues of the budget every year is about 100 billion dollars (with no significant increase or decrease). Russian military budget in recent years has doubled (from 25 bn in 2006 it will reach 50 billion in 2009). But this growth can not be compared with the South American, who once a year is 600 billion dollars. In 2006, the Russian Federation was adopted by the Municipal programm arms in 2007-2015, the implementation of which should go to 4.9 trillion rubles (186 billion dollars). Over the next nine years of this full amount of 63% (117 billion dollars) to be spent on the acquisition of modern weapons and equipment, the other 27% (69 billion dollars) should go to the development of new weapons. For comparison, in 2007, of the South American defense budget for the purchase of new weapons will be targeted 134 billion dollars, and R & D spending will amount to 77 billion dollars.

Efforts to convert the RF Armed Forces of the Russian type at least in numbers, equipment, and more mobile force faced with stagnant military rule, the problem of discipline in the army, limited funding and the difficulties in the field of demography. The Government of solves some steps to straighten out the situation, for example, holds more military exercises and tries to make the best company of the armed forces.

Despite the increase in the military budget, these expenses are inadequate in relation to the bloated size of the armed forces of Russia. The current number of aircraft is estimated at 1 million, which is a heavy load, taking into account the size of GDP and military budget. All this leads to the fact that the conversion process Forces to professional army encounters a lot of problems. This is the legacy of Russian past, which changed nekordinalno. Top leaders of the Russian Federation continue to focus on maintaining huge strategic nuclear forces that can keep
a possible opponent of a massive nuclear attack.

In 2002, the foreign exchange allowance draftee was only $ 100 per month, or about 3.5 bucks. At the theoretical level, the army provides for its needs, but bad conditions of accommodation fighter and food shortages continue to plague the armed forces. It is also characterized by difficulties with discipline and brutal izymatelstva among military personnel. HIV is estimated to be the norm in the Russian armed forces, the incidence of which is 2-5 times more than in the midst of a civilian population. Tuberculosis is also the same discrepancy.

These terrible conditions are forcing young Russians to evade military service. Although more labor (men 15-49 years) in 2004 was estimated at 39.1 million people, only 1/10 of that amount had served in the army. In addition, the military bureaucrats complain that everything is bigger and more recruits have low levels of education, are subject to infectious diseases, also have criminal records.

Russian government claims that it longs to convert from conscript army to a professional. But these plans were revised many times. At the current time is proposed to move to a mixed manning the armed forces, in which Prof. fighters are required to have a huge share of all. Some military leaders they say the need for the creation of the NCO corps of the armed forces, but it asks for additional costs, namely for training. 90 passed, but Our homeland still can not return the status of the majestic power.

In addition to interference in the political affairs of the Ukraine, Our homeland exerted pressure on the pro-Western Georgia, supporting separatists in Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Refusing to withdraw military forces from Moldova, Our homeland warms separatism in Transnistria. Our homeland is also engaged in threatening rhetoric in the address of new NATO members Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

If nedavneshnie military operations in the Caucasus, and to assess the behavior of the Russian Federation as a policy of "tit for tat" that U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates (Robert M. Gates) described as "conspicuous for their food on the floor" ("throwing their food on the floor") , then scare the Europeans offer "true recognize Russia", to reconsider plans to deploy a missile defense system in Europe and continue to deal with everyday Russian.

If nedavneshnee Russian behavior described as nostalgia for the imperial past, and the faith of the Russian society in the need to have a massive military to have an impact within the boundaries of the standard Russian Empire in 1914, the hostility of the country is almost one hundred percent is the product of internal processes is Depending on external factors. "

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