Andrei Sannikov did not answer Yanukevich

The leader of "European Belarus" Andrei Sannikov, who announced his intention to run for the president, declined to comment on the "Liberty" in his remarks towards Alexei Yanukevich, chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front party, which he did on radio and online on August 24.

Umateryyale Vitaly Tsygankova "Yanukevich," Sannikov gave himself away "was placed a comment Alexei Yanukevich the refusal Andrei Sannikov signed the "Manifesto of the protection of national interests," which had previously been circulated BPF leaders.

Radio "Liberty" addressed to Andrew Sannikov with a proposal to respond to the words of Alexei Yanukevich, but was refused.

Exposure of the material
Tsigankov: In your manifesto has already reacted Andrei Sannikov, who called it inappropriate ..

Yanukevich: Indeed, the litmus test has started to work, and even faster than we expected. Surprisingly, Mr. Sannikov so quickly took to his account those cautions to take part in the Kremlin scenarios contained in our manifesto. Here he gave himself away.

His thesis is that the democratic impulses come to us from Moscow — it is completely untrue. Let him ask the Georgians or Ukrainians, impulses from Moscow came to them Lately.

When Mr. Sannikov is not ready to sign up for the development of Belarusian language and culture, and for the withdrawal of Russian bases from Belarus for the avoidance of corrupt privatization (it is said in the Manifesto) — that what changes does he want? Or he wants Belarus to become Abkhazia? The findings, which makes Sannikov (if BNF against the Kremlin, the Popular Front against change) indicate that Mr. Sannikov did not see any other scenario changes in Belarus, except for the Kremlin.


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