Aphorisms: Marriage, Wedding


Vyacheslav Rakytskyy: How people treat marriage when young had significantly different age?

Often uttered: "We got married, the young and the old horse horse spreglisya." Heard the same — in this saying is condemnation. Like, nothing good will come of it. But most of the uneven-aged marriages just were considered more successful for zluchnasts very young couples or elderly women do to a man. After all, by the youth of one of the other spouse is rejuvenated too. That is confirmed now health. But that was criticized mercilessly and violently, then perastarstva — a phenomenon that when a guy or girl age zapaznyalisya fulfill his duty to the community — to continue. Such precautionary vysmeyvalisya and even potraflyali under the exponential penalty in the calendar and significant moments. In the spring, at Maslenku, for example.

Marriage, wedding
"If a girl goes to the crown and not crying, i probably not married
gallop "

"Not a lot of hum, for ever wearing the yoke"

"Young at least in the pool, as long as we feast"

"Swat rides a horse, and the devil pig"

"Matchmakers first i tot the first regiment"

"If Kudelko not pinching, go marry without tubs"

"Wench — a wedding, a cow — death"

"We got married, the young and the old horse spreglisya"

"Swept vakrug eating, and hell they were singing"

"Without me, I got married"

"Fun and find a shirt"

"Marriage without a fight — no wedding"

"Without the vodka did not bury the women i will not get the girls"

"Matchmakers for pants or trousers"

"Do not fall into hell, then get Matchmaker"

"Who Woo, who the hell Prato"

"Where a husband, a sock, a wife, as a flower"

"It is better to go for hay, as at a wedding"

"Shut up, you probably want to get married"

"If the mountain — nagaruetstsa, if well — nakrasuetstsa"

"On Tuesday, the union of forty girls"


Khotenko, marriage

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