Batman is living in the forest

"Tomsk Week", 16.05.2002, Tomsk, n20, p.24

Hollywood fiction thriller "Batman" did not look, probably only the laziest. Nonsense, of course, but it's fun. Meanwhile, "the man — bat" or something like "homo sapiens", with webbed wings, there are actually

The famous Russian explorer and writer Vladimir Arsenyev emanating Ussuri taiga with his faithful friend Dersu Uzala and down, that's what told one day, "my dog trailed behind. On the trail I saw a bear track, very reminiscent of a human. Alma bristled and growled. And followed by somebody darted to the side, breaking the bushes. Alma snuggled close to my feet … At this time, something happened that I did not expect. came out of the mist some weight, large and dark, and flew over river. Dog EXPRESSLY fear all the time huddled at my feet. During this time, he heard the cries, screams like a woman … Udegei evening began briskly to discuss the story of the fact that in these places there is a man who can fly through the air. "
Should I remind you that the researcher Ussuri taiga V. Arsenyev was very proud of his scientific reputation and would never write about, what would not be sure.
In 1944, near the village of Primorye Ekaterinovka worked on the farm six soldiers led by a sergeant. Late one night two men were returning home in a cart (transported products). Suddenly the boys saw coming down to earth a huge ball of light. When the ball touches the ground, out of his heart-rending cries were heard that the soldiers described as "feminine." The guys throwing the cart ran in his farm, without breaking a single stop three kilometers. Since that day, they panic afraid of the dark, and no orders they can not be forced to leave the house. The soldiers also talked about the flying man.
Alex Hunter Kurentsov, hunted in these parts, recalled that one night was awakened by the feeling of another's gaze. Corner of his eye he saw something gliding dives directly on the fire. It was a very large and dark. Kurentsov barely had time to lie down again on his back and saw above him just inches from the ground flying people. Hunter was able to discern that his wings were webbed. After that Kurentsov hid behind a tree with a gun at the ready, and so waited for the morning.
Described in more detail winged creature four hunters from the village of Brindle, again Primorsky Krai. They rested by the fire in winter, when we heard a terrible noise near a small lake nearby. Capturing the gun and call the dog, all four went to the noise. Before reaching the shore of the lake, hunting dogs were pitifully poskulivat and huddle at the feet of masters. In the light of lanterns hunters spotted with his back to a tree figure of a man about five feet tall. The creature had a huge red-orange eyes and webbed wings-hand. "Batman" is difficult flapped its wings, and, rising into the air, flying low through the trees, hiding in the dark.
Amazing creature once even managed to pull off the camcorder. It was possible to make a group of tourists Alexander Kuznetsov, who made a stop at Mount Pidan.
At first, the tourists thought they saw a teenager on a hang glider flying. However, the film could then consider it — a flying creature with a face like a man's.

Pterodactyl in the forests of Ukraine

A resident of Kiev Nicholas Buchko lucky enough to remove the giant "bat" camera. It happened in August 1999. According to him, a bird, more like a "crocodile with wings and a rat tail," lives "somewhere on Chernobyl issues" on the bottom of a deep ravine. Buchko had time to notice that the mysterious monster has jaws with sharp teeth and a wingspan — about one and a half meters. Further writes from Kiev that "stinks from him as from the garbage," feathers this monster does not and generally looks like a pterodactyl fossil. But where such a creature came from a Ukrainian forests?

"Batman" hunted … dichlorvos

Family Ivanjicki of Primorye was awakened one night in his house extremely loud, like a "song" cricket chirping. Switching on the light, trying to find the source of the sound. Something chirped from under the bed. When the head of the family raised the blanket hanging down, he saw the creature pressed against the wall. To lure him out failed. Began throwing a monster slippers. Being jerked forward and suddenly threw long … trunk, which attempted to seize the home leg. After that Ivanjicki began to defend themselves from being throwing into it all that came to hand. Children splashed in it dichlorvos from a container. The creature was quiet, and no longer contracted to show signs of life. Only then will the owner dared to pull it out from under the bed with a poker. Dead was something never seen before animal, like a dog with a short bluish hair. In "Dog" were two three-toed feet are webbed wings and hard about one and a half meters long. The muzzle was not a dog. Almost flat, like a human, a person with a big bare forehead, very large eyes and tiny toothless mouth. Instead of the nose — a triangular hole.
Similar descriptions of winged creatures can be found in English sources.

Can I learn to hover in the air?

Head of the Center of personality development from Texas Makdeyl Helen thinks it is possible. She even developed a system of training. For example, jumping from a springboard into the water (it should be done every day), it is necessary willpower to try at least a fraction of a second to linger in the air. However, the most Helen, train your body in this system have failed to achieve even a short-term effect hovering in the air.

"In this you just have to believe …"

Once Helen Makdeyl lucky enough to meet an elderly man who himself came up to her after class.
"Your mistake is that you are trying to solve the problem of levitation by purely mechanical means, — said the unknown. — But you yourself do not believe in something that can soar. So you did not get.'s All about faith!"
Next, a man told me that he levitates while walking in deserted places. "In order not to scare people," — he explained.
Usually this person is flying through the trees. Best able to control the flight in a standing pose with outstretched arms. It's easier to keep balance.
A few months later, Helen Makdeyl on the way to church suddenly felt that his feet did not touch the ground. Glancing down, she was astonished to find that hovers in the air at a distance of half a meter from the ground. Ellen was frightened and tried to grab on to something, because it was slowly carried away by the breeze from the track on which it was. Remembering the advice of elderly stranger, she stretched her arms out and balancing the body, moved in the direction of the church. She managed to control his flight.
However, this case of levitation and the only one left. More as she tried, she soar and failed. However, this is not so important. What is more important: the possibilities inherent in man — is enormous. Now they are, so to speak, without the need to gather dust in a locked trunk. You just need to find the key. And this is called the key — the faith!


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