Belarus were seksrabynyami in Buchenwald

Society So-called special blocks, brothels existed in the German concentration camps from 1942 to 1945. As forced prostitutes were employed more than 200 women prisoners. Two-thirds of them were German, and the rest came from the occupied territories of Belarus, the Netherlands, Poland and Ukraine.

According to the organizers of the camp brothel, their goal was to improve "the output of the prisoners in the war industry."

According to the archives, after the concentration camp of about 170 of these women had survived. The fate of the majority, especially the Belarusians and Ukrainians, remains unknown. From August 1945 Buchenwald became a Soviet camp for Nazi war criminals.

As the German researchers who were captive had silent, because according to the laws that existed then in Western Europe, they could not rely on some sort of compensation. Silent as visitors and former camp brothels. Thus similar to those of the Nazis suppressed as a result of a long time.

All information collected by scientists literally crumbs.

Exhibition at Buchenwald last until November 28.



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