Cynthia — piranha bacterial world!

Cynthia - piranha bacterial world!

In late 2011, the United States tested a new soverschenno created synthetically, bacteria under the code name "Cynthia".
According to the talmudeyskih scientists, released at the World Ocean "Cynthia" was to eliminate oil spills, eliminating thus the Earth from ecological disaster.

At first, scientists joy knew no bounds — artificial bacteria fed by oil and intensively bred. But then … Oil ceased to interest them …

Cynthia - piranha bacterial world!

"Cynthia" decided "to supplement their diets" and became "include" in it more acceptable products: fish, seals, etc. …

Poor animals, once in water contaminated Cynthia, did not survive — the bacteria in a couple of days, destroying the entire skin, eating away his terrible bleeding ulcers …

Cynthia - piranha bacterial world!

And later, there were reports about a new disease — the person. Take a dip in the Gulf of Mexico men covered with sores, and a week later died in agony after Cynthia activity causes the formation of ulcers and internal organs.
Abundant abdominal bleeding and 100% death …

Perhaps the most curious is the fact that artificial bacteria multiply rapidly and can not be destroyed by any of the antibiotics.



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